Rewilding Europe receives grant from ForestPeace Foundation

January 18, 2022

The Foundation’s aim to improve relations between nature and people fits perfectly with our vision that wilder nature is valued and treated as crucial for a prosperous and healthy society. The funding, which has been awarded on an unrestricted basis, will be used to advance rewilding in Europe.

Carpathian Mountains, Romania
Sandra Bartocha / Wild Wonders of Europe


A perfect fit

ForestPeace Foundation, which is related to the Dutch philanthropic organisation Fred Foundation, has awarded Rewilding Europe a grant of 450,000 euros. As the first grant awarded by the foundation, the funding has been disbursed on an unrestricted basis and will be used to advance rewilding over the next three years.

“Rewilding Europe’s focus on practical rewilding, its hands-on entrepreneurial approach, and its inspirational role within the European rewilding movement really resonated with us,” says Jasper Folmer, Nature Programme Manager at Fred Foundation. “One of the reasons that ForestPeace Foundation was set up is to improve relations between nature and people, so rewilding’s holistic approach to restoration is a perfect fit.”

ForestPeace Foundation is involved in its own practical rewilding efforts, having bought an 80-hectare piece of land (Natuurplaats Binnenbos) near the Dutch city of Utrecht in 2019.

“We wanted to contribute to the rewilding movement in some small practical way too,” says Folmer. “Rewilding is important, regardless of the scale. I’m really looking forward to seeing the impact of our efforts grow, as well as those of Rewilding Europe, over the next three years and beyond.”


Burgeoning support

Against the backdrop of biodiversity decline, rising global temperatures and the impact of Covid-19, there has never been a greater awareness of our need for nature and the wide range of benefits it provides. Funding for rewilding is now on the rise as more and more businesses, investment institutions and philanthropic foundations take financial decisions that help to restore nature in a holistic way.

Rewilding Europe is always looking to collaborate with organisations, institutions, foundations and companies. There are many ways to get involved with rewilding, support the growth of the rewilding movement, and help Rewilding Europe to scale up rewilding across the continent.


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