Visit our landscapes

Would you like to see the rewilding landscapes with your own eyes?

Visit our landscapes

Would you like to see the rewilding landscapes with your own eyes?

In the rewilding landscapes, our teams work closely with local businesses that offer tourism services and support rewilding actions on the ground.

Explore the landscapes

Daniel Allen/ Rewilding Europe

Greater Côa Valley

The Wild Côa Network is your gateway to explore the Greater Côa Valley rewilding landscape. It is a community of  enterprises working with Rewilding Portugal and committed to a nature-based economy that preserves nature and nurtures local communities. The network offers accommodation, tourist operators, local products and restaurants.


Bogdan Boev / Rewilding Europe

Rhodope Mountains

Located on the crossroad of Europe and Asia, a fusion of Mediterranean and Continental Europe, the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria is one of Europe’s biodiversity hotspots. As a melting pot of cultures and rich cultural heritage, it is a place you can not miss. Explore the outdoor experiences that partners of the Rewilding Rhodopes team offer in the landscape.

Bruno D'Amicis

Central Apennines

Explore the Central Apennines rewilding landscape in Italy with our local partner Wildlife Adventures, which organises hiking, wildlife and wolf tracking tours of 3 to 5 days. In addition, the Rewilding Apennines team offers on a regular basis the opportunity to personally contribute to rewilding with a hands-on rewilding experience in the field.



Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe

Velebit Mountains

Embark on an extraordinary wildlife adventure in the pristine Velebit Mountains of Croatia. Experience wildlife up close from state-of-the-art hides, or embark on guided hiking tours, where you can connect with nature and learn more about rewilding and wildlife. For a different adventure, you can go on a Tauros safari on the Lika Plains. Get ready for an up-close encounter with the untamed beauty of Velebit and explore activity options.


Daniel Mirlea

Southern Carpathians

The Southern Carpathians rewilding landscape is becoming increasingly well known for its dramatic scenery and unique wildlife experiences – especially bison and bear-watching. Our partner WeWilder provides a 2-to-5-day long stay with wildlife tracking activities in the area and accommodation in their newly built campus.


James Shooter

Affric Highlands

Experience rewilding in action up close in the Affric Highlands rewilding landscape. Our partner Trees for Life offers guided rewilding walks where you find out more about the trees, plants and animals that live in this special place. After an exciting day of exploring Affric Highlands, you can spend the evening relaxing in the brand-new accommodation at the Dundreggan Rewilding Centre.


Cláudio Noy Fotografia

Iberian Highlands

Rewilding and ecotourism go hand in hand in the Iberian Highlands rewilding landscape in Spain. La Maleza, Spain’s pioneering nature-based experience, takes you on a rewilding safari to bring you up close to the Tauros and wild horses roaming in the area. And there are more experiences and accommodation Rewilding Spain can recommend!

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At the moment, we are restructuring the way we want to offer travel experiences to our landscapes. In the meantime, there are many local businesses that offer tourism services and are working closely with the rewilding teams on the ground to support rewilding as mentioned above. Are you looking for something else specifically? We are happy to point you further in any direction. Please contact us if you have any specific questions.

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