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Rewilding Europe is always looking to collaborate with private, corporate and public partners, such as foundations, companies, institutions and private individuals. Let’s join forces!

Partnerships are key to us

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Delivering meaningful change

Since its foundation, Rewilding Europe has played a pioneering role in the evolution of the European rewilding movement, which today has never been stronger. Our initiative oversees a collection of rewilding landscapes, distributed right across Europe.

Rewilding is now establishing itself as an inspirational conservation narrative, as its practice, impact and benefits are amplified across Europe. The rewilding process in Europe has gained significant momentum, with Rewilding Europe acting as a frontrunner in taking this new conservation movement forward across the continent.

Looking to the future, we now need to kick on and scale up rewilding to deliver meaningful change.

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Your support matters

Our generation has a unique opportunity to upgrade European nature and ensure rewilding delivers a game-changing impact. We want to see rewilding practised extensively, at scale, right across Europe, as a wide range of actors from the private and public sectors come together to co-create a wilder continent.

Rewilding Europe offers financial partners the opportunity to support rewilding in a variety of ways, optimising the match between their interests and Rewilding Europe’s needs.

Become our partner


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Financial partner

If you are an organisation, public or private institution, foundation or company with the ability and desire to make Europe wilder, we warmly invite you to become our financial partner!

Our partners believe in the Rewilding Europe approach, and their support can significantly contribute towards our success at a European level. We offer several kinds of financial partnerships. If you are interested to support our work at a European level or in our rewilding landscapes in such a way, we are much looking forward to speaking with you.

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Technical partner

To achieve our mission, collaborating on content with technical partners is crucial. We warmly invite rewilding organisations, research facilities, media production companies and all other kind of organisations that want to support our mission by joining forces on a non-financial basis to become our technical partner.

If you are an organisation, institution or company with the ability and desire to make Europe wilder, we invite you to connect and explore opportunities to become our technical partner!


Corporate Engagement Principles

Rewilding Europe can become your ideal partner. For corporate partners, we have developed Corporate Engagement Principles.

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