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Bruno D'Amicis/Rewilding Europe

Become active

Be a part of the European rewilding movement. Rewilding is a response to growing public demand for a more hopeful, ambitious and exciting form of conservation. The interest and support of citizens like you, is the bedrock of the conservation movement. There are many ways you can help strengthen the European rewilding movement and be an active part of this growing community:

Actively promote rewilding via social media by sharing posts and images, our #CallForAWilderEurope and contributing your own content using #rewilding.

Choose rewilding as the beneficiary of your charity fund raising activities. Visit our donation platform to choose one or more actions.

Include a visit to a rewilding area in your holiday planning. European Safari Company offers unique experiences to various destinations.

Learn more from our news and blog about how rewilding compliments and extends established approaches to nature conservation.

Keep abreast of rewilding news and opinions and find opportunities to discuss these with your colleagues and friends.

Should you be an entrepreneur, conservation and/or business initiative that shares the rewilding principles, make sure to join our European Rewilding Network.

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