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Bruno D'Amicis/Rewilding Europe

Public disclosures

Rewilding Europe Foundation


Name of ANBI

Stichting Rewilding Europe

RSIN/Fiscal number


Chamber of Commerce number



Toernooiveld 1
6525 ED Nijmegen
The Netherlands


Phone: +31-6-30543387
E-mail: info@rewildingeurope.com
Web: www.rewildingeurope.com

Executive Board

  • Frans Schepers – Managing Director

Supervisory Board

  • Wiet de Bruijn (Chair)
  • Odile Rodríguez de la Fuente (Member)
  • Lena M Lindén (Member)
  • Aleksandrina Leonidova Mitseva (Member)
  • Jens-Christian Svenning (Member)

Objective of the foundation

According to the statutes, ‘’Rewilding Europe Foundation has the objective of, in particular but not exclusively, stimulating (having stimulated), in association with local organisations, the return and expansion of wild nature and wildlife in Europe, as well the stimulation of nature and landscape development, on the basis of natural processes and for the benefit of society.’’

Foundation Rewilding Europe also is the sole owner of two limited liability companies:

  • Rewilding Europe B.V., a limited liability company founded in 2011 and registered in the Netherlands. This company serves as an incubator to pilot and develop new business concepts that support the mission of the Foundation, and have, over time, a chance to become profitable and stand on their own feet. For instance, the company hosts the “European Safari Company” label, that stimulates tourism to the rewilding areas, supporting employment and awareness. the company also owns a company in Croatia that, through two participations, owns concessions to manage wildlife in the Velebit Mountains. By hosting these early-stage activities in a separate limited liability company, the Foundation mitigates liability risk, while any profits derived from Rewilding Europe B.V. are channelled back entirely to the Foundation;
  • Rewilding Europe Capital B.V., a limited liability company founded in 2017 and registered in the Netherlands. This company grants medium and long term concessional loans to local SMEs that have a positive impact on the Foundation’s rewilding activities, either by creating employment, attracting tourists or stimulating local economic development in the rewilding areas, contributing to developing the necessary buy-in from the population in and directly outside the rewilding areas. These SMEs are indispensable to the success of the Foundation’s activities in the rewilding areas. Any profits derived from Rewilding Europe Capital B.V. shall be channelled entirely to the Foundation.

Both limited companies are meant to be a risk mitigating and funding mechanism, supporting the work of the Foundation. The management responsibility and governance of the limited company is statutorily linked to the Foundation, as its sole beneficiary, owner and director.

Reward policy

The members of the Supervisory Board of Rewilding Europe do not receive any remuneration, neither directly nor indirectly, for the activities they carry out. They are, however, entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred by them within the performance of their position and approved by the executive board. These reimbursements are made clear and are further elucidated in the annual report. The reward for directors and other employees is determined by the Supervisory Board in accordance with guidelines of the Goede Doelen Nederland.

Rewilding Europe’s plan

Detailed information is available in the Strategic Plan of Rewilding Europe Foundation, as approved by the Supervisory Board on 25 March 2019.

Code of conduct

Rewilding Europe expects all of its managers, employees, team members and local partner organisations to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

Financial reporting

Rewilding Europe’s Annual Review includes the financial annual report, yearly financial statements are published on the website.

Privacy and cookie policy

Privacy and Cookie Policy

Rewilding Europe Endowment Initiative

(not active)

Name of ANBI

Stichting Endowment Rewilding Europe

RSIN/Fiscal number


Chamber of Commerce number



Toernooiveld 1
6525 ED Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Contact person

Violeta Giurgi

Purpose of the foundation

The purpose of the Rewilding Europe Endowment Initiative is to support and facilitate the Rewilding Europe foundation (RSIN 850717863) and its activities, to provide supporting service in that respect and furthermore all that is related to or supportive of this in the broadest sense of the word. The foundation does not aim to generate a profit.

Reward policy and governance

The board of the foundation will not receive any compensation for their activities, other than reimbursement for basic expenses directly related to their activities for the foundation, as per the guidelines in the board protocol. As per the statutes of the foundation, the board members are tasked with the governance of the foundation and are allowed to represent the foundation. Formal representation is always conducted jointly by two board members, as per the statutes of the foundation.

Strategic plan

The Endowment initiative’s policy and action plan can be downloaded here. This document outlines the setup of the foundation, it’s objectives and activities and how it raises and spends funds.

Board of the foundation

Frans Schepers – Chairman
Wouter Helmer – Secretary
Ilko Bosman – Treasurer

Financial report

The foundation is not active yet. Therefore, there is no Annual Review 2019 available.

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