Rewilding Europe is a pan-European organisation, with a central team and landscape teams intrinsically linked and working together closely. Although independent entities, the landscape teams form an integral part of Rewilding Europe’s organisation through the formation of a Network Executive Team and the signing of a Network Agreement. The co-production approach enables us to work at a European level, while local partners take the lead in rewilding initiatives adapted to a local context.

Supervisory Board

Marc van den Tweel


Sabine Hoefnagel


Aleksandrina Leonidova Mitseva


Jens-Christian Svenning


Charlie Burrell


Sylvie Goyet


Management team

Frans Schepers

Executive Director

Johan Booij

Director of Finance and Operations

Laurien Holtjer

Director Engagement and Public Relations

Carolina Soto-Navarro

Head of Wilder Nature

Johannes Schreuder

Head of Nature for People

Amy Duthie

Head of Upscaling

Deli Saavedra

Head of Landscapes

Fabien Quétier

Head of Landscapes

Rewilding landscape team leaders

Mario Cipollone

Team leader Central Apennines

Marina Drugă

Team leader Southern Carpathians

Stephanie Kiel

Team leader Affric Highlands

Marija Krnjajić

Team leader Velebit Mountains

Mykhailo Nesterenko

Team leader Danube Delta (Ukraine)

Henrik Persson

Team Leader Swedish Lapland

Ioana-Catalina Petrencu

Team Leader Danube Delta (Romania)

Pedro Prata

Team leader Greater Côa Valley

Pablo Schapira

Team Leader Iberian Highlands

Andreana Trifonova

Team leader Rhodope Mountains

Ulrich Stöcker

Team leader Oder Delta (Germany)

Peter Torkler

Team leader Oder Delta (Poland)

Central team

Daniel Allen

Lead Editor and Writer

Dana Bezdíčková

Grants & Operations Manager

Nina Breck

Communications Officer

Sara Calçada

Learning Coordinator

Victor van Dooren

Enterprise Manager

Raquel Filgueiras

Lead of impact monitoring and research

Andréa Gay

Enterprise Manager

Violeta Giurgi

Finance and Operations Manager

Kyle Grotens

Upscaling Officer

Jelle Harms

Geospatial and Monitoring Manager

Kristjan Jung

Brand Manager

Lucy Kilkens

Finance and Operations Officer

Kataryna Kurakina

Communications Officer

Julia Mata

European Rewilding Network Coordinator

Annette Mertens

LIFE Project Coordinator

Sophie Monsarrat

Rewilding Manager

Floor Peters

Grants & Operations Manager

Theresa Stratmann

Geospatial Data and Monitoring Officer

Giulia Testa

European Young Rewilders Coordinator

Daniel Veríssimo

Rewilding Finance Expert

Tamar Vloedgraven

Finance Manager

Nelleke de Weerd

Communications Manager

Rewilding Climate Solutions

Rewilding Europe B.V. owns a limited liability company called Rewilding Climate Solutions, which aims to make rewilding a financially competitive land use demonstrating that rewilding is investable and enables restoration on a large scale.


Timon Rutten


Helena Newell

Finance and Operations Director

David Harleman

Investment Director

Nacho Martin

Senior Carbon Project Developer

Preethi Sridharan

Carbon Project Developer

Laura Schefold

Carbon Project Officer

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