Wilder nature

Nature is amazing! When left to manage itself, natural processes begin to function more effectively. Such processes include natural grazing, the roles of predators and scavengers and natural flooding.


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Wildlife comeback

Let’s be optimistic! After years of decline, the European populations of some wildlife species are increasing. Such species include the beaver, elk, ibex, whooper swan and white-tailed eagle. Even wolves are starting to venture more widely.


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Nature-based economies

There are economic opportunities in rewilding. The increasing global popularity of nature-based tourism demonstrates this potential. Helping nature heal can lead to prosperous local economies.


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Interest in the wild

Generating pride, public support, new partnerships and a more positive attitude amongst stakeholders for a Europe with much more wild nature, wildlife and wilderness.


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Bruno D'Amicis/Rewilding Europe

Scaling up rewilding

Inspiring the scaling up and replication of the rewilding approach across Europe by providing support to rewilding initiatives wherever possible, exchange of knowledge and expertise with initiatives in Europe and across the world.


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