Dutch Postcode Lottery Award rewards ongoing rewilding progress

April 6, 2021

Rewilding Europe’s latest Dutch Postcode Lottery Award pays testament to the success of rewilding efforts to date, which have opened the door to a wilder, more liveable Europe.

Annual Donation Dutch Postcode Lottery
Rewilding Europe’s latest Dutch Postcode Lottery Award will help deliver a wilder Europe that is more liveable for all.
Frans Schepers


Continued confidence

European bison in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria
The Dutch Postcode Lottery funding has had a game-changing impact on nature, wildlife populations and people across Europe.
Bogdan Boev

Rewilding Europe was thrilled to receive its annual award of 900,000 euros from the Dutch Postcode Lottery last week. Having become a beneficiary in 2017, the essential funding is having a game-changing impact on rewilding efforts across Europe. Such efforts have not only benefitted wild nature and wildlife populations but people and communities too, with rewilding supporting jobs and income on a growing basis.

“We are extremely grateful to the lottery for their continued confidence in our rewilding endeavours,” says Rewilding Europe Managing Director Frans Schepers. “Since our foundation, the support of the Dutch Postcode Lottery funding has been invaluable in helping us work towards the rewilding vision in Europe and in many of our operational areas. Going forwards, the lottery’s ongoing support will enable us to scale up rewilding, protect and restore more nature, and deliver a wilder Europe that is more liveable for all.”


A fairer and greener world

Every year millions of euros in charitable donations are made possible by the 3 million people who participate in the Dutch Postcode Lottery (a minimum of 40% of every ticket goes to charity). The Postcode Lottery, which has been raising funds since 1989 to support organisations working towards a fairer and greener world, is now the biggest charity lottery in the Netherlands, disbursing over 6.5 billion euros to beneficiaries since foundation.

Rewilding Europe is extremely grateful to the Dutch Postcode Lottery, and all its participants, for their longstanding and highly valued support.


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