Rewilding Symposium

29 September 2022 | On-site & Online (Free)


Bruno D’Amicis

Rewilding Symposium

29 September 2022 | On-site & Online (Free)


Ecosystem restoration through rewilding: people, policy & practice

Bogdan Comanescu

Packed with rewilding inspiration

How does rewilding contribute to ecosystem restoration, how does it match European and national laws and policies, how to include people and how to communicate rewilding science?

During this event, rewilding scientists and experts will address these questions by taking a multi-disciplinary perspective. With a mix of presentations, imagery, an on-site exhibition and the formal inauguration of Europe’s first chair in Rewilding Ecology at Wageningen University & Research’s Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Group, the event will be packed with inspiration for scientists, policy-makers, practitioners and people interested in the field of rewilding.

Hans Koster

Join on-site or online

We warmly invite you to join this event and the inaugural lecture of Special Professor in Rewilding Ecology Liesbeth Bakker, live on-site in Wageningen. Those who will attend the event on location, also have the opportunity to visit an exhibition of the work by Lisa Sánchez Aguilar in light of her PhD research on how to visually communicate about the rewilding of the European bison.

For those who are not able to attend the event on-site, a livestream will be available to virtually join the symposium and follow all presentations. The symposium is free for everyone, but registration is mandatory. Follow the link below to sign up now!

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Bruno D'Amicis/Rewilding Europe

Keynote Speakers

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Liesbeth Bakker

Wageningen University & Research / Netherlands Institute of Ecology

Ruben Smit

Ruben Smit Productions

Eric Higgs

University of Victoria, Canada

Arie Trouwborst

Tilburg University

Sofie Ruysschaert

Birdlife Europe & Central Asia

Frans Schepers

Rewilding Europe

Lisa Sánchez Aguilar

University of Groningen

Koen Arts

Wageningen University & Research

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