Rewilding symposium to strengthen connection between practice and science

November 24, 2020

Chaired by Liesbeth Bakker, Europe’s first professor of rewilding, the online event is open to all. It aims to improve rewilding outcomes by developing rewilding science, as well as inspire participants to become involved with rewilding.

After the rain. "Syri i Kalter" (The Blue Eye), Albania June 2009
The unique symposium will see experts and scientists come together to discuss rewilding in depth, with the aim of uniting science and practice to deliver better rewilding outcomes. 
Anders Geidemark; Wild Wonders of Europe


Taking European rewilding forwards

Rewilding Symposium Invite
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What is rewilding, how does it work, where can it be done, and what does it deliver? These questions will be addressed in a free online rewilding symposium titled “Connecting rewilding science and practice”, set to take place on December 3 and organised by Rewilding Europe, Wageningen University (WUR) and the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO).

Liesbeth Bakker, Europe’s first professor of rewilding based at WUR’s Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Group, will chair the symposium, together with co-hosts Raquel Filgueiras (Rewilding Europe’s Head of Rewilding) and Frank van Langevelde (professor and chairholder of WUR’s Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Group). The event will feature presentations from a range of highly regarded rewilding scientists and experts from Rewilding Europe, as well as videos and Q&A sessions.

“Through this symposium, we want to set an agenda for the next steps in rewilding science and practice, as well as to inspire those participating to become involved in rewilding themselves,” says Bakker. “I invite all those who want to know more about rewilding in action and the latest rewilding theory to join us, regardless of age or background.”


Improving rewilding outcomes

While the practice of rewilding is now gaining momentum and starting to deliver real impact across Europe, the science of rewilding is lagging behind. One of Liesbeth Bakker’s aims on taking up her professorship earlier this year was to help close the gap between the two.

“This symposium should stimulate development of a rewilding science network that can support and learn from practice,” says Bakker. “Rewilding science and practice are mutually beneficial, so this is all about improving rewilding outcomes.”


Registration, programme and questions

Those wanting to participate in the symposium should register in advance, while more details about the symposium programme and the keynote speakers can be found here. Any questions about the event should be directed to Liesbeth Bakker.


Rewilding Symposium Keynote Speakers
The symposium features presentations from a range of highly regarded rewilding professionals and experts.
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