New partnership to support long-term scaling up of European rewilding

February 21, 2023

A new partnership agreement will see German sustainability consultancy EnviroSustain support Rewilding Europe over the next decade. The collaboration showcases the ever-increasing support for nature recovery from the corporate sector, as well as rewilding’s long-term focus.

EnviroSustain’s long-term partnership will see the company support the European Wildlife Comeback Fund.
Jeroen Helmer / ARK Nature


Long-term commitment

An exciting new partnership between Rewilding Europe and EnviroSustain will see the Berlin-headquartered sustainability consultancy provide long-term funding for the scaling up of European rewilding. The company will also provide pro bono advice on rewilding-related buildings – such as new offices and rewilding centres – to Rewilding Europe and Rewilding Europe network organisations.

“We are delighted with this enduring commitment to rewilding,” says Johan Booij, Rewilding Europe’s Finance & Operations Director. “Nature works to its own timescales, which means Rewilding Europe is committed to supporting nature recovery in European landscapes for many, many years. This is the only way to create healthy, resilient ecosystems that provide sustainable benefits to nature and people.”


Towards healthier ecosystems

EnviroSustain has been providing flexible and holistic sustainability solutions to European commercial real estate firms since 2001. As part of the new agreement, the company will provide a percentage of its annual turnover over the next decade, with the money initially used to support Rewilding Europe’s recently launched European Wildlife Comeback Fund, which is working to scale up keystone species reintroduction and population reinforcement across Europe.

“Rewilding landscapes and supporting species reintroduction is a huge step towards creating healthier, more balanced ecosystems, which are essential to all life on Earth,” says Dr. Birgit Memminger-Rieve, EnviroSustain’s Managing Director. “We’re thrilled at this opportunity to share our expertise with the Rewilding Europe network and eagerly anticipate the species reintroductions that our donations will enable.”


Also supported by the EWCF, Bonelli’s eagles from Spain will be reintroduced on the Italian island of Sardinia.
Staffan Widstrand
The release of Sorraia horses in Portugal’s Sintra-Cascais Natural Park is one of the reintroductions supported by the European Wildlife Comeback Fund.
Cascais Ambiente


Partner with us

EnviroSustain offers a broad range of technical and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) services for all building types, both new and existing. The company’s vision is “Healthy, sustainable space. For everyone”.

“As a business, we’re very aware that we work in a sector which can contribute massively to habitat loss, resource scarcity, and emissions,” says Ingemar Hunold, Partner at EnviroSustain. “We want to show things can be done differently and hope that our partnership with Rewilding Europe will serve as an example to our clients, the wider industry, and fellow business owners, demonstrating the importance of not just balancing our impact on the planet, but making a positive contribution towards nature recovery.”

Funding for rewilding is now on the rise as more and more businesses, investment institutions and philanthropic foundations take financial decisions that help to restore nature in a holistic way. Rewilding Europe is always looking to collaborate with organisations, institutions, foundations and companies. There are many ways to get involved with rewilding, support the growth of the rewilding movement, and help Rewilding Europe to scale up rewilding across the continent over the long term.


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