European Wildlife Comeback Fund

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European Wildlife Comeback Fund

Bringing back wildlife

Supporting wildlife comeback is one of the core objectives of Rewilding Europe’s mission. In addition to creating the right conditions for wildlife comeback to happen naturally, Rewilding Europe takes active measures such as reintroductions of keystone species and population reinforcements.

Reintroductions are complicated processes that typically face many challenges and need a long preparation time. This often makes it difficult to match the timing of when funding is available with the timing of animals release into the wild. To overcome this challenge, Rewilding Europe aims to provide immediate funding for reintroductions and population reinforcements that are ready to be executed.

The agile setup of the new European Wildlife Comeback Fund will support wildlife comeback in Europe by enabling execution in a proactive and flexible way, following IUCN guidelines.


The fund already received 1,5M euros from financial partners


With this fund we aim to facilitate 30 wildlife comeback interventions or initiatives…


…and more than 1000 individual animals.


Across 15–20 countries in Europe.

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Why support wildlife comeback

The unprecedented rate at which biodiversity is currently declining makes the urgent prioritisation of supporting wildlife comeback all the more critical. The good news is that quite a number of wildlife species have shown signs of recovery across Europe over the last four decades, proving that wild nature is resilient and can recover if conditions are suitable. Wildlife can return if we give it space and take measures to live alongside each other. The recovery of wildlife populations is something we need to embrace and learn from. Accelerating and widening wildlife comeback in Europe can improve the health and functionality of entire ecosystems, delivering a huge array of benefits, for nature, climate and people.

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Become a financial partner in the European Wildlife Comeback Fund

The ongoing recovery of species presented in the recent Wildlife Comeback Report is encouraging and shows there is a possibility for wildlife to come back into our landscapes if we act on it. Yet this only represents the start of what is possible, and also what is needed. With your investment, we can welcome wildlife back into our landscapes across Europe.

You can support wildlife comeback with an online donation. However, if you want to invest in the European Wildlife Comeback Fund with more than 50.000 euros, we would love to get in touch with you personally.

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Karl and Astrid Schefer, the founders of Delinat and pioneers in organic wine growing

“This is not only for the future and for our children. The European Wildlife Comeback Fund is an incredible opportunity for all those that wish to see and experience the return of wildlife to our landscapes, now!”

Sophie Monserat

Sophie Monsarrat
Rewilding Manager

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If you are an organization actively reintroducing a keystone species in European landscapes, have secured the source of the animals, have the agreement of the landowner/manager to release the animals, and have completed all the legal requirements (especially permits and feasibility assessments), then let us know. We would love to speak with you.

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