Annual Review 2023: showcasing a bumper year for rewilding

June 6, 2024

Thanks to the expertise, passion and dedication of our entire European team, 2023 saw Rewilding Europe’s rewilding efforts move up another gear. Our latest Annual Review, which is packed with inspirational and educational content, shows that we are delivering positive impact on a growing scale across Europe, with benefits for nature, climate and people.

Our Annual Review 2023 gives readers a good overview of the significant progress we made last year, including features stories from each of our rewilding landscapes.


Rewilding: a holistic solution provider

Rewilding Europe is thrilled to present its Annual Review for 2023. The twelfth year since our foundation was an exciting and productive one, filled with important achievements and memorable milestones as we consolidated and grew our initiative further. This latest review shows that we are working hard to demonstrate and catalyse rewilding on an ever-larger scale, with a focus on our expanding landscape portfolio. Our achievements were made possible by the ongoing efforts and dedication of our pan-European team, which now boasts well over 200 people.

As a progressive approach to nature recovery, rewilding is one of the best ways of simultaneously addressing climate change, reversing biodiversity decline, and delivering a more liveable and prosperous world for future generations. Today, rewilding’s status as a holistic solution provider is resonating with an ever-growing number of people, helping it to gain increasing traction and momentum.

“Offering a conservation narrative that is both hopeful and profound, rewilding has shown that there is every reason to turn up the volume on real action that enhances wild nature across Europe,” says Frans Schepers, Rewilding Europe’s Executive Director. “Collaborating as an agile and well-integrated network that encompasses our 10 rewilding landscapes, 2023 saw us deliver another bumper year for rewilding across the continent.”


Our latest Annual Review is packed with information and infographics, with copy complemented by images from some of Europe’s top wildlife photographers.


Captivating copy and stunning imagery

Our Annual Review is the perfect place to read more about our work and growth. A fresh design presents information in a clear and accessible way, with infographics, sidebars, breakouts, and fact boxes complementing the main copy and stunning imagery from some of Europe’s top wildlife photographers.

Showcasing the wide range of tangible results and positive impacts that we delivered throughout the year, the review includes 10 feature stories which take a deeper look at one aspect of rewilding in each of our rewilding landscapes – from the enhancement of blue-green corridors in Swedish Lapland and the take-off of rewilding in the Iberian Highlands to river and riparian restoration in the Oder Delta and efforts to build engagement in the Velebit Mountains. From people and nature to landscapes and upscaling, together these stories give readers a broader and deeper perspective on rewilding and the wide range of benefits it offers.

We would like to thank all the partners, donors, investors, advisors, scientists, photographers, and filmmakers who each provided invaluable support to Rewilding Europe in 2023. We are also grateful to the increasing number of private individuals who now support us. To all those who helped us move forward, we truly appreciate your support and look forward to continued cooperation and burgeoning impact in the years to come.


Annual Review 2023


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