Annual Review 2021: celebrations and ambitious plans for the future

July 4, 2022

A celebration of our evolution and achievements over the last decade, Rewilding Europe’s latest Annual Review is also fresh and forward-looking. With interest in rewilding at an all-time high, we are ready to take rewilding to the next level, together with all those joining the movement!

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Rewilding Europe’s Annual Review 2021 is the perfect place to read more about what Rewilding Europe has done over the last 10 years – and what we aim to do in the next 10.


Past and future decades

We are delighted to present to you our new Annual Review 2021. Over the course of a single decade, Rewilding Europe has evolved from a visionary idea into an organisation that runs a portfolio of groundbreaking, landscape-scale programmes spanning an entire continent. Having come so far in such a short space of time, 2021 was a good year to celebrate and reflect on our many organisational milestones.

And having built such a solid base, 2021 was also a year to kick on. We developed and launched an ambitious new strategic plan for the decade ahead, in close cooperation with all of our rewilding landscape leaders. Together, we are now working to advance and scale up rewilding, delivering a Europe that is richer in wild nature, with all the benefits this brings for people and planet.


Rewilding Europe annual review content page
The latest Annual Review includes extended feature stories, key results, and more information about our strategic plan for 2030.

Take a look inside!


New strategy, new design

Rewilding Europe’s Annual Review 2021, which is hot off the press, is the perfect place to read more about what Rewilding Europe has done over the last 10 years – and what we aim to do in the next 10. A fresh design presents information in a varied way with infographics, sidebars, breakouts, and boxes complementing the main copy and captivating imagery from some of Europe’s top wildlife photographers.

In addition to key results from all of our operational rewilding landscapes in 2021, the latest Annual Review also includes a number of extended feature stories. These give readers a broader and deeper perspective on rewilding and the wide range of benefits it offers, as well as the work and growth of Rewilding Europe.

Story topics include the impact restored wildlife populations could have on climate change, how rewilding parks could spearhead nature recovery in Europe, how rewilding creates climate-resilient landscapes, a profile of the Affric Highlands, and how efforts to strengthen the Dalmatian pelican populations in southeast Europe are progressing.


Join us

Rewilding is about co-creating a wilder, better, nature and climate-positive future. A future where ecosystems are healthier and wildlife populations far more abundant, where our climate is stable, and where we all enjoy the benefits that nature provides. This is why we rewild.

“This tenth Annual Review marks the start of a new decade for Rewilding Europe,” says Rewilding Europe’s Executive Director, Frans Schepers. “As we work to make our ambitions a reality, we invite companies, organisations, institutions, foundations and individuals to join us in our endeavours to make Europe a wilder place. We hope our Annual Review will inspire and inform you in equal measure!”


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