Annual Review 2022: turning up the volume on nature

June 28, 2023

Thanks to burgeoning support and the passion and dedication of our entire European team, 2022 saw Rewilding Europe’s rewilding efforts reach a new high. Our latest Annual Review, which is packed with inspirational and educational content, shows that we are well-prepared to demonstrate and catalyse rewilding on an ever-larger scale, with a focus on our 10 rewilding landscapes.

Our Annual Review 2022 gives readers a good overview of the significant progress made last year and features stories from each of our rewilding landscapes.
Nelleke de Weerd


Growing impact

Rewilding Europe takes great pleasure in presenting its Annual Review for 2022 – the eleventh year since our foundation, and one filled with important achievements and memorable milestones.

“While writing and putting this review together, one thing really struck us – the sheer volume of tangible and impactful rewilding action now taking place across our growing portfolio of landscapes,” says Frans Schepers, Rewilding Europe’s Executive Director. “The 12 months of 2022 were a time when we really turned up the volume on nature, in collaboration with all our partners and associates across Europe.”

Driven by our Strategic Plan 2021-2030 (“Strategy 2030“), which was launched at the end of 2021, Rewilding Europe is committed to realising a set of ambitious objectives for the end of this decade.

“We have already worked hard to set things in motion, based on our positive and proactive narrative for European nature recovery,” says Schepers. “With 10 rewilding teams now working in our flagship rewilding landscapes across the continent, in close cooperation with our central team, the events of 2022 showed that we are well underway demonstrating and catalysing rewilding on an ever-larger scale.”

Rewilding Europe Annual Review 2022
Annual Review 2022

Wide-ranging features

Our latest Annual Review gives readers a good overview of the significant progress Rewilding Europe made last year, with a focus on the rewilding landscapes where we operate. The increasing sense of traction, which is very exciting, generates energy, inspiration and dedication across our pan-European team, and in all of our partners and supporters. It is also indicative of the growing understanding across all parts of society of the need to engage in nature recovery at scale, and a willingness and desire to become part of the rewilding movement.

In addition to an extended section presenting our main achievements in 2022, the review includes 10 feature stories which take a deeper look at one aspect of rewilding in each of our operational landscapes – from the next phase of bison rewilding in the Southern Carpathians of Romania to the development and revitalisation of commerce and culture based on wilder nature in Portugal’s Greater Côa Valley. There are also features on the European Wildlife Comeback Fund, which launched in 2022, and corporate partnerships.

From people and nature to landscapes and upscaling, together these stories give readers a broader and deeper perspective on rewilding and the wide range of benefits it offers, as well as the work and growth of Rewilding Europe. As ever, they are accompanied by a range of insightful infographics and imagery from some of Europe’s finest wildlife and landscape photographers.



Turn up the volume with us

Rewilding Europe’s latest Annual Review is being published at a highly critical moment for European nature. The new EU Nature Restoration Law, which is a fundamental part of the EU Green Deal, is being tabled for decision by the European Parliament this month. It aims to reverse the dramatic decline in nature by making the restoration of degraded lands and waters, including seas and seashores, mandatory for EU Member States. It represents a unique and game-changing opportunity to tackle the twin biodiversity and climate crises, while delivering numerous benefits for our economy, food security, and overall health and wellbeing.

“While approval and adoption of this new law is critical for the EU Green Deal to work, there is no time to waste as we continue to scale up our rewilding efforts across Europe,” says Frans Schepers. “We believe rewilding is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to restore nature at scale, by creating space for nature to restore itself. Rewilding can help us to realise a future where ecosystems are healthier and wildlife populations far more abundant, where the scale and impact of climate change is reduced, and where we all enjoy the benefits that nature provides. If this is the kind of future that excites and inspires you, please join us.”


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