The Tauros Programme causes a traffic jam in the Velebit mountains

9 April 2014 Posted by Ronald Goderie on 9 April 2014 – The cowboy profession has changed dramatically. I consider myself as a modern one. I live in the city and I am now travelling by train, plane and car from the Netherlands to Croatia. On the train, the women next to me proudly show their new bags to each other. The brand is called ‘Cowboys bags’.

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Dung beetles can tell us a lot about the natural history of Europe

3 April 2014 Posted by Magnus Sylvén on 3 April 2014 – Was Europe once dominated by closed-canopy forests, or instead rather by a mosaic landscape with a mixture of open and wooded areas, shaped by large numbers of wild large herbivores? This has long been debated but a recent study of beetle fossils in Great Britain, indicates that both opinions are probably right.

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17 April 2014

First webinar held within the European Rewilding Network

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3 April 2014

The first Boskarin cattle have now been released in the Velebit mountains

Twelve Boskarin cattle (five cows, five heifers and two calves)... Read more »

2 April 2014

Wild European bison in the Rothaargebirge mountains, Germany

The full and detailed information about the European bison reintroduction... Read more »