Learning wild entrepreneurship, in the wild

24 April 2014 Posted by Annemiek Leuvenink and Jan Claus Di Blasio on 24 April 2014 – 35 students and 15 lecturers from universities in Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands took part in the second edition of the 'European Wilderness Entrepreneurship' school from 20/3 to 4/4, a part of the Erasmus Intensive Programme. Indulging in a unique learning experience in Western Iberia.

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The Tauros Programme causes a traffic jam in the Velebit mountains

9 April 2014 Posted by Ronald Goderie on 9 April 2014 – The cowboy profession has changed dramatically. I consider myself as a modern one. I live in the city and I am now travelling by train, plane and car from the Netherlands to Croatia. On the train, the women next to me proudly show their new bags to each other. The brand is called ‘Cowboys bags’.

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17 April 2014

First webinar held within the European Rewilding Network

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3 April 2014

The first Boskarin cattle have now been released in the Velebit mountains

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2 April 2014

Wild European bison in the Rothaargebirge mountains, Germany

The full and detailed information about the European bison reintroduction... Read more »