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A brand new rewilding area: Lapland – Europe’s Alaska

February 2, 2016  |  News

Today, Rewilding Europe announces that it has taken on board a fantastic new rewilding area: Lapland in the north of Sweden. In the Nordic Museum in the heart of Stockholm, the initiative was officially launched during a small ceremony with the signing of an agreement between Rewilding Europe and ‘Rewilding Lapland’, a newly established foundation and our local partner in Sweden.

Partnership between Rewilding Europe and ARK Nature renewed

January 27, 2016  |  News

Today, ARK Nature and Rewilding Europe have renewed their partnership with the signing of another three-year agreement for cooperation. This cooperation includes continuation of existing work like developing the European Wildlife Bank and the European Rewilding Network, but also possible new activities such as promoting the role of carrion and scavengers in Rewilding Europe’s rewilding areas.

Partnership agreement signed with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

October 6, 2015  |  News

Rewilding Europe and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation officially signed a partnership agreement, to identify and conduct joint projects in line with both organisations’ fields of interest and geographical priorities. The signing ceremony took place at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, in the presence of HSH the Prince of Monaco, alongside the Eighth Award Ceremony of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the world premiere screening of ‘Les Saisons’, the latest documentary movie produced by Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud to rediscover the European lands that we have shared with wild animals from the last ice age until the present day.

Oder Delta becomes the eighth Rewilding Europe area

June 19, 2015  |  News

The Oder Delta, straddling the border area of Poland and Germany on the Baltic Sea coast, has today officially become part of the Rewilding Europe initiative. After three years of intensive preparations with many different authorities and stakeholders, four organisations agreed to start working together to put the area on the European map as an inspiring example of rewilding, for the benefit of both people and nature. An event held today in Tanowo on the Polish side, with many local partners and stakeholders present, marked the start of this initiative.

Sharing experience within a growing European Rewilding Network

June 18, 2015  |  News

On June 5 another event was held to share experience between members of the European Rewilding Network. This time the subject was about coexistence between people and large carnivores. This sixth web-based seminar included a presentation of two best-practice examples from areas with existing conflicts between local people and wildlife in Bulgaria and Spain. Webinar discussions focused on innovative methods as to how to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts, and turn such problems into new opportunities.

28 European bison now roaming the Tarcu Mountains in the Southern Carpathians

June 15, 2015  |  News

One year ago the European bison, the largest land mammal on our continent, returned to its old haunts in the Southern Carpathians. One year later, during a second major release event on 12 and 13 June last week, the number of animals doubled as a next step to create a viable population of free roaming bison in this Natura 2000 site.

Princess Theodora of Liechtenstein visits Southern Carpathians rewilding area

June 13, 2015  |  News

On June 6, HSH Princess Theodora von Liechtenstein and HSH Prince Alexander von Liechtenstein visited Romania with the Green Teen Team Foundation to launch a school programme with young students from Armenis and Teregova, together with Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania. Theodora is the founder of the foundation whose objective is to help to save endangered species of plants and animals to conserve our planet’s biodiversity. This is done, in part, by empowering children to be able to make changes to their lives, consequently the lives of others and the life of the planet.

Annual Review 2014: shaping ‘rewilding’ as a conservation approach in Europe

May 11, 2015  |  News

In its third Annual Review, Rewilding Europe reports back on its achievements in 2014. Building a sound base during the first three years of the initiative to create lasting results in the longer term, started to pay off in various ways. Significant milestones and tangible results were achieved within the three main pillars of Rewilding Europe: rewilding, enterprise and communication.

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