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Portugal’s catastrophic wildfire outbreaks highlight need for natural grazing

September 19, 2022  |  News

Climate change is increasing the incidence of catastrophic wildfire, particularly in southern Europe. In Portugal’s Serra da Estrela National Park, where wildfire ravaged around 30,000 hectares of the landscape this summer, enhancing natural grazing could help to create a more biodiverse and fire resilient landscape.

Natural grazing delivering increasing benefits across Europe

February 16, 2022  |  News

Low intensity grazing by wild and semi-wild herbivores delivers a wide range of benefits to people and nature. The fourth in our ongoing series of impact stories takes a look at how rewilding has enhanced such grazing within European landscapes over the last decade.

Natural grazing gathers more momentum at online event

December 23, 2021  |  News

Our recent GrazeLIFE symposium was attended by 335 participants from 38 countries. The event was the culmination of a three-year study which set out to identify best practices of grazing that benefit both nature and people, with outcomes inextricably linked to climate and biodiversity. The final report was handed over to the European Commission’s Director for Natural Capital at the Directorate-General for Environment, Humberto Delgado Rosa.

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