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Adapt, Survive, Thrive

November 30, 2022  |  Blog

natural forests and increased natural grazing, can help people and businesses by minimising the risk and impact of global warming-related events, such as floods, droughts, and outbreaks of disease and…

Climate Heroes: wildlife’s game-changing role

September 2, 2022  |  Blog

natural levels. More animals meant more grazing, which saw carbon shifted from above-ground vegetation to the soil via dung, boosting carbon storage and reducing the incidence of wildfire. Today there…

Spanish version of aurochs book published

July 27, 2022  |  News

…the aurochs – called the Tauros – establishing viable wild populations of this animal across Europe. This, in turn, will boost natural grazing and help to create half-open, half-wooded (mosaic)…

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