Rewilding Training Tourism

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Rewilding Training Tourism

Professionalising and scaling up nature-based tourism across Europe.

Bruno D'Amicis

Incorporating rewilding best practices

Rewilding Training Tourism is a training programme focused on developing and upskilling the guiding and hospitality segment of Europe’s nature tourism sector. Set up by Rewilding Europe, it aims to professionalise and scale up nature-based tourism in Europe.

The Rewilding Training Tourism programme comprises three separate stages, with each of these including an assessment and a “Rewilding certificate” for participants. It is designed for guides, hospitality and tourism entrepreneurs, and other local partners in rewilding areas. Providing comprehensive rewilding and tourism training, it incorporates Rewilding Europe’s best practices.

Bruno D`Amicis

Benefits for you and your business

  • Receive comprehensive rewilding training – incorporating rewilding best practices;
  • Build broad spectrum skills in guiding, hospitality and service, with a rewilding mindset and rewilding principles;
  • Partake in a world-first hospitality, service and guiding training facility for nature-based tourism related to rewilding in Europe;
  • Add value to your business with official certification from Rewilding Europe, obtained after successfully completing the different stages of the programme;
  • Enjoy a unique opportunity to learn from partners and experts from other European areas.

Rewilding Training Tourism Stages 2021/2022


Stage 1


Online training and selection

A series of five webinar training presentations for all candidates, including an introduction to nature-based tourism, rewilding, hospitality, engaging nature and local partnerships across diverse landscapes, and nature-based economies.

Stage 2


Nature-based tourism in-field training

A five-day in-field training programme for a maximum of 8 participants, followed by theoretical submissions and principles for grading. Bringing people together to learn and train in different environments across rewilding areas.

Stage 3


Further training for entrepreneurs

Apply the learnings from Stage 1 & 2 to a live scenario where you will co-create a new nature-based business concept. This will include impact on people, nature and rewilding and equip participants with the skills to develop new business for different areas in the future.

For more information about dates, locations and prices of the different training stages in 2022:


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What do participants say about the training

Next Rewilding Training Tourism intake

Registration for November 2021 and January 2022

In November 2021 and January 2022 we will start two new intakes for the webinar series, all those who are interested to get in touch soon by sending an email to Or sign up via the forms below.

The webinars will run weekly on Wednesdays from 10.00 to 12.00 CET, starting on the 3rd of November and the 12th of January respectively.

The Stage 1 Webinars will be presented by Simon Collier from Nature Tourism Development and several rewilding specialists from Rewilding Europe.

Bruno D'Amicis


Stage 1 of the Rewilding Training Tourism programme costs:
November 2021 intake: €195,- per person(excl VAT)
(2 spots left)
January 2022 Intake: €225,- per person(excl VAT)
(Registration just opened)

This includes five webinars, homework, assessments and examinations. Those who pass will receive a Rewilding Training Tourism certificate and can elect to move on to Stage 2 Field Training.

Download the brochure here

Register now for the webinar series (stage 1)


To register for either the November 2021 or the January 2022 webinar series (stage 1 of the training), please fill in the respective form below. We will contact you to confirm your registration and send an invoice for the webinar series.


Register for the November webinar series     Register for the January webinar series

Rewilding Training Tourism team

The team

About the organizers

Aukje van Gerven is Rewilding Europe’s Wildlife Tourism Manager and co-developed Rewilding Training Tourism together with nature-based tourism expert Simon Collier from Nature Tourism Development, which helps professionals acquire skills in service and hospitality, and in guiding through presential, online and field trainings. Together they successfully piloted the programme and will now lead it into its second year.

Irene Fernandez from the European Safari Company assists with Rewilding Training Tourism’s administrations and applications. The European Safari Company was born in 2016 from the need that arose within Rewilding Europe’s areas for a platform with a strong connection and support for rewilding and nature-based economies, offering a way to facilitate nature-based business.

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