Winners of the October 2013 draw of the Rewilding Europe Travel Club

October 9, 2013

The lucky winners in our rapidly growing Travel Club were drawn on October 9, 2013 at the end of the full-day Rewilding Europe seminar “Making Europe a wilder place” during WILD 10, the World Wilderness Congress in Salamanca, Spain. The winners were drawn by Staffan Widtrand, Marketing and Communication Director of Rewilding Europe. All winners will be contacted by Rewilding Europe staff.

Congratulations to the winners, and best of luck all Travel Club members in our Christmas draw in December! Join the Club and you can win a fantastic nature trip:

Grand Prize

LAPONIA CIRCUT for 2 persons

Saltoluokta, Laponia, Sweden

A hiking tour between comfortable huts in the World Heritage Laponia and the three largest national parks in Sweden. It is the perfect spot to explore Nordic nature and the Swedish mountains. A larger protected wildlife area than Laponia cannot be found anywhere else in Europe and nowhere else is the Sami culture as alive as there. Hike on your own in one of Sweden’s most beautiful nature areas, by the mountain massif Akka, between the nice mountain huts and enjoy the fantastic scenery and unique nature. Over a three-day hike you will visit three national parks while walking along winding paths surrounded by beautiful mountains. It will truly be an unforgettable hike for anyone. You’ll finish your hike at the century-old Saltoluokta Mountain Station, one of the Svenska Turistföreningen’s facilities., situated where no roads lead, by Lake Langas. Here you will round off the hiking experience with some true mountain luxury. Relax in the sauna or gather around the fireplace together with people from all over the world. In the evening they’ll serve a three-course meal made from local produce. On offer for Rewilding Europe Travel Club is a self-guided tour of four nights in mountain huts and one night at Saltoluokta Mountain Station which can be carried out during the summer season. On offer is 6 days/5 nights trip.

Winner: Leticia Perez Rodriguez, Spain 



And more trips:

Photo Safari Adventure in Swedish Lapland

Aurora Safari Camp, Sweden

Join the professional Photographer Fredrik Broman on a photographic adventure in the Råne River Valley, Swedish Lapland, with Aurora Safari Camp as a base. With snowshoes on your feet you will walk into the forest, up on forest covered mountains and next to the semi-frozen river. And at the same time learn more about photography in the cold. Fredrik Broman has 20 years of experience as a photography entrepreneur. His home base is in Lassbyn Råne River Valley, where he has created the Aurora Safari Camp, specialized in photographic courses/inspiration tours. On offer is a 4 days/3 nights trip. See more here.

Winner: Lea Petersen, The Netherlands


The four European vultures in the pre-Pyrenees

Focus on Mediterranean Wildlife, Spain

The pre-Pyrenees are the forgotten mountains. They don’t have the highest peaks, neither the sky stations. But they hide the most precious natural treasure: quietness. Over the last century, people have left these mountains looking for better opportunities in big towns. It has resulted in huge territories where the great soaring birds could feed and nest again without being disturbed. The Muntanya d’Alinyà, together with the nearby range Serra del Boumort, are the only places where you can see the four European vulture species. Since the reintroduction program of the Black vulture in the Catalan pre-Pyrenees, these four magnificent birds ―the griffon vulture, the black vulture, the Egyptian vulture and the lammergeyer— soar the sky looking for carrion and dead animals. The Egyptian vulture goes to Africa around mid September and golden eagle takes its place. In Alinyà, you can enjoy birdwatching with Aleix Millet, who has been working in the Black vulture project for 10 years and Francesc Muntada will take you to the professional hides built to take the best pictures of the vultures and lammergeyer. This is a 5 days/4 night trip.

Winner: Murray Collins, UK


Roaming with Black vultures, jackals and wild horses in the Eastern Rhodopes

Gabi Tour, Bulgaria

The Bulgarian part of the Eastern Rhodope Mountains is an area of exceptional nature where vultures, white-tailed eagles, wild horses, tortoises, wolves and jackals roaming in the wild. This trip will offer you unforgettable adventures in various wildlife hides. In addition to the watching and photo safari you enjoy the lovely panoramic views and rich biodiversity which ranks one of the highest in Europe. You see places that will give you a taste of the local culture and cuisine, meet with local people and their traditional folklore and architecture. On offer is a 6 days/5 nights trip in this part of Southeastern Bulgaria.

Winner: /e-mail address known/


Wolf tracking holiday in Sweden

WildSweden, Sweden

A weekend adventure in Sweden with full focus on Wolves and Wolf tracking. The best season for tracking wolves in Sweden is December-March when the ground is covered with snow and you have the chance to see wolves running across frozen lakes. The tour is organized in cooperation with researchers at Grimsö Wildlife Research Station, Sweden’s leading research centre for predators such as lynx, brown bear and wolf. The tour includes a visit to the station and detailed lecture on wolves by a researcher who is recognised for years of experience of field work with the Scandinavian wolf population. They share their stories and teach you about wolves in an exclusive in-depth lecture before the group heads out for our own first-hand experiences in the nearby wolf territory. WildSweden experienced wolf guides follow the local wolf families throughout the year and during this tour they will take you close to the heart of one of the wolf territories. This is a 3 days/2 night trip.

Winner: Marcus Bremer


Hide photography tour in Hungary

EcoTours Wildlife Holidays, Hungary

Enjoy a spectacular birding and hide photography tour in Hungary with Ecotours Wildlife Holidays. The hides are built to get as close to the birds as possible: cleverly designed drinking stations at the forest edge, others by marshes or beside the shallow water of alkaline lakes and there is also a red-footed falcon tower hide. All located in a scenic and bird-rich area of the famous Kiskunság National Park. From 1 base within 15 km radius there are 10 hides with over 50 species.These offer tremendous possibilities for close-up bird photography, where each day might bring something new. The hides are a perfect place not only for photographers but for bird and nature lovers who would like to enjoy a breath taking experience being really close to birds and observe plumage details, behaviour, feeding habits like never before. Species often seen are: pygmy cormorant, spoonbill, great white egret, little egret, grey, purple, squacco and night heron, lapwing, little ringed plover, black-winged stilt, ruff, curlew sandpiper, dunlin, marsh and wood sandpiper, etc. On offer is 6 days/5 night tour.

Winner: Nathan Hickie, Germany


Escape, Relax and Unwind in Velebit

Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch, Croatia

Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch is a very private and exclusive retreat and guest ranch in the Velebit Mountain. It is the only genuine working guest ranch in Croatia, surrounded by 2 million acres of UNESCO protected pristine wilderness. Intimate and very private, the guest ranch offers a wide range of first class eco-adventures, superbly blended with the casual elegance and quaint amenities. Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch offers remote Croatia wilderness vacations, but behind the signature cuisine, the well being programs and the unique horsemanship, there is a deep and meaningful commitment to people. It is an authentic place for those who seek to bring their lives into balance. A horseback riding vacation at Linden Tree Retreat & Ranch will, without a doubt, be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. On offer is a 4 days/3 night package.

Winner: John Griffiths, England


All winners will be contacted by Rewilding Europe staff. In order to thereafter claim the prizes, they will then have to contact the respective tour provider and together with them set all local arrangements. Arrangements at the destination, as described above, are included in the prize, whereas the transportation to the destination and back is at the winner’s own discretion.

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