Three lucky Travel Club members are winners of the July 2014 draw

July 30, 2014

The three lucky Rewilding Europe Travel Club winners were drawn on July 30, 2014 by Adrian Hagatis, Team Leader of the Southern Carpathians, Bruno D’Amicis, Communications Officer in Central Apennines and Staffan Widstrand, Marketing and Communications Director of Rewilding Europe.

European bison in the Tarcu Mountains,, Romania
European bison in the Tarcu Mountains, Romania
Adrian Grancea / Southern Carpathians team

And the winners are:

The Grand Prize
Rewilding bison in the Tarcu Mountains, Romania” – for one person
Generously provided by Wildlife Worldwide, UK
Winner: Hendrik Mertens, Belgium

Second Prize
Italy’s wild heart – for one person
Generously provided by Wildlife Adventures, Italy
Winner: Servee Wijsen, Netherlands

Third Prize
Birdwatching in the Grande Brière”, France – for one person
Generously provided by Brittany Wildlife Tours, France
Winner: Ricky Wayman, UK

Congratulations to the winners!
All winners will be contacted by Rewilding Europe staff with details on how to claim their prizes.

We would like to express Rewilding Europe’s special gratitude to Wildlife Worldwide, the provider of the Grand Prize in this draw, and lots of gratitude also to the other two tour companies – Wildlife Adventures and Brittany Wildlife Tours for kindly donating these fantastic wilderness and nature trips to our Travel Club and its membership.

Now, all Travel Club members who haven’t been that lucky this time, please look here!
You can still go on a bison trip to Romania, but at your own expense. Please book it at The same goes for two trips to the Rewilding Apennines.

“The Tarcu Mountains are truly unique. Nowhere in Europe you can see bison, so close by, showing their natural behavior in such a fantastic scenery. Local guides can take you to the bison, and ancient forests, and tell you about the customs, traditions and the history of this region and show the local plants and animals, and let you enjoy traditional local food. You will come home with unique photos, and not only of the bison, to show your friends. There is one more important reason to come to the Tarcu Mountains. Your visit will contribute to help the conservation of this beautiful area, the local traditions and the BISON”, says Joep van de Vlasakker, Wildlife Advisor at Rewilding Europe and one of the main persons in the bison reintroduction in the Southern Carpathians.

“If you are a wilderness enthusiast who is also keen on culture, and has a soft spot for great food, the Central Apennines are the right place for you. You can reach this amazing region with less than 1.5 hours drive from Rome or Naples. Come to visit the “Wild Heart of Italy” with its unique mix of stunning sceneries, high biodiversity, ancient history and legendary hospitality!”, says Bruno D`Amicis, Communications Officer in the Central Apennines rewilding area.

For the members of the Rewilding Europe Travel Club we have more on offer: Birdwatching in Southern Portugal in September, an amazing birding experience at a special discount for our club members. The discount is available for bookings made by 31 August 2014. Please refer to the booking code in the Travel Club newsletter that you will receive soon. New members of the Rewilding Europe Travel Club will receive this newsletter automatically, right after they have sent in the filled membership form (

Shortly after that we have informed the winners of this draw by e-mail, the first new offers of the Travel Club will be up. The next draw in the Rewilding Europe Travel Club will be in December 2014.

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