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European bison arrive in Portugal for the first time

May 31, 2024  |  News

A herd of eight European bison have just arrived at the Herdade do Vale Feitoso Estate in Portugal. Managed in cooperation with the Rewilding Portugal team, they will enhance carbon sequestration, boost biodiversity, and support the growth of nature-based tourism.

The European bison: a climate hero

May 16, 2024  |  Blog

The return of the bison in Europe can enhance carbon sequestration, boost biodiversity, and drive the growth of nature-based tourism. To maximise the beneficial impact of this iconic herbivore, populations need to roam freely across large, well-connected landscapes.

European bison continue their recovery in Azerbaijan

December 20, 2023  |  News

An ambitious initiative to establish a viable, self-sustaining, free-ranging population of European bison in Azerbaijan has taken a step forward with the support of Rewilding Europe’s European Wildlife Comeback Fund.

Record number of bison calves born in the Eastern Rhodopes

July 15, 2022  |  News

Bulgaria’s Rewilding Rhodopes team were overjoyed to record the births of four bison calves in May and June this year – the highest number of calves to have been born in a single season since bison were reintroduced to Bulgaria’s Rhodope Mountains in 2019.

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