The rewilding of Europe becomes an epic movie and a TV series

May 25, 2012

Rewilding Europe has signed a production agreement to develop a major film and a TV-series, with EMS Films (Netherlands) and Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion (Germany). The aim is to showcase and document the rewilding of our continent, which is happening in front of our eyes, and the role that Rewilding Europe plays in creating more wild areas, wilderness and promoting Europe as a wildlife destination.

The production will look at the present situation as well as the history and future of wild nature and wildlife in Europe. What does Europe’s natural heritage really look like? How and why has it changed over the decades? What is happening now? What could happen in the future? How will rewilding areas look like and what does it mean to the people living in these areas? Land abandonment, wildlife comeback, increasing demand for wildlife watching, socio-economic impact of these changes, and many other aspects will be featured in the productions. It will tell about the transformations that we will be able to observe in these areas during the coming decades. Welcome to Europe’s nature of the 21st century!

The film crew will concentrate on the people that make rewilding work, the people that live in or around the rewilding areas, the wildlife, the stunning landscapes and their vegetation, plus, above all, the great stories behind and underlying the Rewilding Europe initiative.

The TV production will show the comeback of nature across all seasons, in all-weather conditions, and with a strong focus on Rewilding Europe’s ten selected rewilding areas. These will be thoroughly documented and the rewilding processes will be closely followed, also further on.

The first TV-series is scheduled for international release in the 4th quarter of 2013; the fliming will start already this year. The Rewilding Europe team is excited about the filming, which will enable us to showcase the areas to a large European audience.

EMS Films

Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion

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