Rewilding Europe Supervisory Board formally established

September 21, 2012

Rewilding Europe is very excited to announce the formal establishment of the Supervisory Board, which has come into function last month. The Executive Board has managed to find very experienced individuals from different parts of Europe, with different backgrounds and key-competencies that are strongly complementary.

What they have in common is that they are all very passionate about the Rewilding Europe initiative, all for their own reasons. Apart from that they are all three nature, wildlife and wilderness lovers and enjoy a lot of time in the field, in- and outside Europe.

Wiet de Bruijn (Netherlands), an entrepreneur with strong business skills and a finance background, has started as the chairman of the board.

Pierre-André Mourge d’Algue (Switzerland) is a private banker who started his banking career in New York, Paris and London. He also has a long history in conservation, in particular in Africa.

Henrique Miguel Pereira (Portugal), a professor at University of Lisbon, is one of the lead scientists in Europe on biodiversity conservation, and has published on a regular basis about rewilding of abandoned lands.

Wiet, Pierre-André and Henrique are all very dedicated to contribute to the rewilding of Europe by supervising our initiative as their formal role. They have already started to put their expertise to our disposal on a regular basis.

With the formation of the Supervisory Board, Rewilding Europe has completed its institutional set up, with some of the core competencies well covered (business, finance, strategy). However we will work to extend the Supervisory Board to a maximum of five members, preferably female and from other European regions, and bringing in additional skills such as policy/governance, and marketing/communication. The first Supervisory Board meeting was held mid-September in Poland, which marked a new phase of our initiative.

The entire Rewilding Europe team warmly welcomes Wiet, Pierre-André and Henrique and is very much looking forward to work with them over the coming years.

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