Calling young rewilders! Rewilding Europe seeks an early career professional to join its Supervisory Board

February 13, 2019

As an exciting and innovative approach to conservation, rewilding increasingly inspires and resonates with younger generations, with a growing number of millennials now looking to engage with the rewilding movement. Rewilding Europe is now offering a unique opportunity for a dynamic and visionary rewilding enthusiast in the early stages of his or her professional career (under the age of 30) to join its Supervisory Board.

Rewilding Europe is searching for an early career professional to join its Supervisory Board.
Rewilding Europe is searching for an early career professional to join its Supervisory Board.
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The successful applicant, who can be based in any European country, will learn about being a board member, and what it takes to help govern a young initiative such as ours. In return, he or she will use their energy, insight, creativity and  understanding of young people’s perspectives to contribute to the governance and strategic development of Rewilding Europe, and to help us take the European rewilding agenda forwards.

With exciting initiatives mushrooming across Europe, the high-profile rewilding movement is playing an increasingly influential and impactful role in European conservation. Founded in 2011, Rewilding Europe is spearheading this movement, with operational areas stretching all the way from Lapland and Portugal to Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Established in 2012, Rewilding Europe’s Supervisory Board comprises experienced, highly skilled and forward-looking individuals from across Europe. All committed rewilders, they provide invaluable input as they help to guide and develop our initiative. To join them, you will need to display (amongst other attributes):

  • a comprehensive understanding of rewilding and Rewilding Europe
  • evidence of a rewilding vision and ideas on how to achieve it
  • skills, perspectives, knowledge and networks that would strengthen the supervisory board

Are you interested and suitably qualified? If so, we invite you to send a personal statement, accompanied by an up-to-date resume and two letters of support, to by March 2, 2019. Your personal statement should cover your motivations for serving on the Supervisory Board, what rewilding means to you, and what you could bring to the board in terms of your various attributes. Letters of support should be from professional people who know you well, and at least one should be from an established conservationist.

Applications will be assessed by a nominations committee, who may conduct interviews before deciding on a final recommendation to the board. The successful applicant will be contacted on or before April 1, 2019.

We wish you the best of luck!

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