Rewilding Europe starts European Rewilding Network

July 10, 2013

Rewilding Europe is starting a new initiative: the European Rewilding Network. In the past decades many new projects that clearly link to rewilding have evolved, and many others are about to germinate. As the rewilding movement becomes more and more prominent throughout our continent, Rewilding Europe believes it is valuable to connect European rewilding initiatives in order to inspire others and share experiences. Therefore, the European Rewilding Network aims to establish a living network of many rewilding initiatives, to support rewilding in Europe as a conservation tool.

A short but clear outline about the initiatives joining the European Rewilding Network will be included in a database that will become publicly accessible online. Members of the Network will find it more easy and feasible to share knowledge and experiences from one initiative to another. Furthermore, by joining the Network initiatives will become even more visible to the outside world as being part of a European movement for active rewilding initiatives.

Rewilding Europe facilitates the process through the online Network, and will have a clear role in the nearby future when training, courses and/or exchanges will be set up. We believe these steps will positively contribute to the work we are all involved in.

At this moment, we are in the process of inviting rewilding initiatives to join the Network. Further information will be given on this website the coming weeks including an announcement to submit rewilding initiatives to the European Rewilding Network yourself.

We are looking forward to officially launch the European Rewilding Network during WILD10 (4-10 October 2013, Salamanca) with many rewilding initiatives joining the Network to inspire ourselves as well as others.

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