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Natural grazing event boosts networking in the Greater Côa Valley

June 14, 2024  |  News

Natural grazing can deliver multiple benefits for nature, climate and people. An event in the Greater Côa Valley rewilding landscape in Portugal at the end of May, which brought together a wide range of experts and young rewilders, helped participants to share knowledge and expertise, with the aim of scaling up this essential natural process in Europe.

European bison continue their recovery in Azerbaijan

December 20, 2023  |  News

An ambitious initiative to establish a viable, self-sustaining, free-ranging population of European bison in Azerbaijan has taken a step forward with the support of Rewilding Europe’s European Wildlife Comeback Fund.

UK water vole initiative joins European Rewilding Network

September 19, 2023  |  News

The efforts of Kernow Conservation, an NGO working to restore water vole populations across the county of Cornwall in the UK, will be enhanced through membership of the European Rewilding Network. A grant from the European Wildlife Comeback Fund has just enabled the Kernow team to release voles in southern Cornwall.

Saving Wildcats joins the European Rewilding Network

May 5, 2023  |  News

The European Rewilding Network’s newest member is dedicated to Scottish wildcat conservation and recovery. Around 20 wildcats will be released into the wild each year, with the first releases beginning in June 2023.

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