Sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge

This activity aims is to add value to the project beyond the implementation of its technical activities. Lessons learned, the main innovation, and best practices will be replicated and shared at the national and European levels.

Task 8.1 Networking with other projects through a final conference and other actions

This task will focus on sharing the lessons learned and good practices developed during the project, including the ‘bison-smart community’ concept and approaches to coexistence, technical innovations for effective coexistence and soft-release translocations, the development of a nature-based economy, and the ecology of wild bison in the Carpathians.

Task 8.2 Activities to ensure replication, transfer and embracing of implemented actions

A wider range of potentially interested entities (national and European) will be identified and contacted to start information exchange and replication. Specific workshops will be organised for those interested entities. The workshops will address the advantages, but also challenges, of adapting wildlife-smart community approaches to the European bison, of different techniques and methods used to achieve coexistence and successfully recover and expand the range of the
European bison. The aim is to identify entities which are potentially interested to adopt activities implemented and replicating them.


  • Networking and replicability action plan

Task 8.3 After-LIFE and exploitation plan

During the last year of the project, together with the closing event and European conference, a workshop will be held among the partners with the objective to design an action plan for the continuation of the activities after the end of the project.


  • After-LIFE plan

Task 8.4 Activities to contribute to other EU policy areas

LIFE with Bison is a complex, multi-layer project that will contribute not only to the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030, but to other policies as well. Building on the connections established during the development of a national strategy and action plan for the European bison, the aim of this task is to organise specific meetings with stakeholders in particular policy areas, such as agriculture, animal health, forestry, protected areas and biodiversity and rural development.


  • Best Practice Guidelines


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