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Building high engagement and full support of key stakeholders, public awareness and dissemination of progress and results to a national and international level.

Task 6.1 Local stakeholder engagement

Local people and influential stakeholders will be regularly informed about activities and goals and given opportunities for repeated online and offline engagement with the actions.

Task 6.2 Building pride and identity through landscape branding

This task aims to build a shared brand for the area and its bison-smart communities.


  • Brand manual

Task 6.3 Identify, train and enable local stewards and global ambassadors to support bison-smart communities

As a key part of the ‘bison-smart communities’ approach and to build pride and identity, local people who want to engage with the bison’s comeback will be supported to actively advocate for nature restoration and the bison’s return in the area, and beyond. Participants might want to focus on a local- (“Bison Stewards”), national- or international level (“Ambassadors”).

Task 6.4 Raise public awareness and support for the comeback of European bison

Ensuring bison-smart communities can be funded in the long-term is essential for people-bison coexistence and the impact of our actions. Local people, municipalities and businesses will be invited to contribute to the design and funding of innovative revenue-sharing ‘bison funds’ in favour of members of the community that are most vulnerable to damage caused by the bison but may not benefit from the growing bison-based economy.

Task 6.5 Producing communication material for broader outreach

In addition to local engagement, activities will increase general awareness and support for bison and well-functioning ecosystems through communication efforts directed to the wider public in Romania and beyond. This will generate stronger visibility, promotion and support for rewilding and the recovery of European bison. In particular, success stories of wilder nature and bison and how it benefits local communities will spread awareness and interest on international level. It is aimed to boost pride of local communities in these success stories.


  • Webpage
  • Report on produced communication materials
  • Layman report


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