All across our rewilding areas and far beyond, Rewilding Europe is working to support the development of rewilding businesses – conservation-minded businesses that in one way or the other supports the rewilding of our continent. We are identifying the relevant local entrepreneurs and businesses and welcoming any opportunity to introduce them to potential investors or business partners.

Invest in rewilding businesses

For this purpose, we have started Rewilding Europe Capital which allows private individuals, companies and investors to initially co-invest alongside this mechanism in a wide range of rewilding businesses across our rewilding areas and indeed across Europe. This, we hope, will serve as a precursor to a larger and more conventional conservation investment fund model, as the initiative builds momentum and investment track record. If you are interested in these opportunities, we invite you to contact us for more details.

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Contribute to the European Wildlife Bank

Rewilding Europe is setting up a European Wildlife Bank, to boost the numbers of wildlife in the rewilding areas, in particular large herbivores such as red deer, European bison, wild horses and wild bovines. This is a very innovative mechanism that has already been proven to work at a national level and is now being scaled up to a European level. You can join us in the European Wildlife Bank, by supporting the purchase, translocation or management of the animals. Also by offering possible grazing grounds and breeding sites, against a contracted return-on-investment.

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