Rewilding volunteer database

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Rewilding volunteer database

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and become an active rewilder?
As a volunteer you can make an invaluable contribution to rewilding efforts in Europe.

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Your contribution to rewilding

From analyzing camera-trap images to hands-on field work removing barbed wire: there are many ways in which you can make an important rewilding contribution as a volunteer.

With the Rewilding Volunteer Database we bring together organisations and people who are looking to contribute in a meaningful way. Through the database we aim at finding a good match between those interested in volunteering and rewilding efforts across Europe.



Finding a rewilding match

The Rewilding Volunteer Database is accessible to the local teams in our eight rewilding areas and our network of more than 65 rewilding initiatives spread across Europe. This way, these initiatives can directly select the most suitable candidates from the database if volunteering opportunities arise.

Please note that because of a growing interest in rewilding, we cannot guarantee an internship opportunity or volunteer placement for everyone who applies. Of course, we are extremely grateful for this growing rewilding support and would like to remind you that there are also many other ways in which you can become an active rewilder.


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The Rewilding Volunteer Database is an open database of international students and other individuals interested in volunteering at various rewilding initiatives across Europe. The minimum duration of placement is 3 months. Agreements about potential remuneration have to be made directly with the hosting organisation.

If there is a match between an initiative’s requirements and your desires, they will contact you and you can directly start arrangements for your stay. As we share information with multiple rewilding initiatives you might be contacted by one or several organisations. Please note, that it’s your own responsibility to assure sufficient information and solid agreements; many educational institutes provide checklists for a proper preparation of an internship (abroad). Rewilding Europe cannot be held accountable for contracts that are not with Rewilding Europe itself but with other initiatives.

As we receive many applications for volunteering and internships, we cannot guarantee a placement for everyone interested. In case you don’t receive a response from any project within 6 weeks following your application, you should conclude that there are unfortunately no positions available.


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