World Rewilding Day

March 20

World Rewilding Day

March 20

Join our celebration of World Rewilding Day on March 20th, raising awareness of the benefits of wilder nature for wildlife, people and planet.

Rewilding benefits
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Rewilding benefits

Europe and its people face a wide range of challenges, including biodiversity decline, rising global temperatures, and declining opportunities for rural economies. Applied at scale, rewilding can help to address these challenges simultaneously.

Recovering nature to full health can mitigate scale and impact of global warming, enhance biodiversity, and create new sources of income for communities. Rewilding also helps nature to deliver a range of other benefits that are essential to our existence, such as clean air, fertile soil, good health, wellbeing and resilience to disease.

The need for nature and the wide range of benefits it provides has never been greater. We ask all fellow rewilders to show and share this day why rewilding brings hope to you: #RewildingHOPE

Tahir Abbas

What is rewilding?

Rewilding is an innovative way of restoring wild nature. It’s about letting nature take care of itself, enabling natural processes to shape land and sea and restore degraded landscapes.

We can give it a helping hand by creating the right conditions – by removing dykes and dams to free up rivers, by allowing natural forest regeneration, and by reintroducing species that have disappeared as a result of human’s actions. Then we should step back and let nature manage itself.

Wild nature is an essential element of a prosperous and healthy society. Rewilding can generate new business opportunities, jobs and income, while connecting with wild nature makes us feel good and keeps us mentally and physically well.

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World Rewilding Day was launched in 2021 by the Global Rewilding Alliance. On March 20, 2023, it will see rewilding initiatives and people from six continents come together again to raise awareness of rewilding and the need for nature recovery around the globe.

We invite your organisation to become part of this worldwide community and celebrate World Rewilding Day 2023 with us!

Do you, as an individual, business or organisation also have plans to spread the word, take action, support rewilding or make a rewilding pledge for the future? Submit your event to show that rewilding is taking place and #RewildingHOPE is spreading all across Europe!

Sandra Bartocha/ Wild Wonders of Europe

World Rewilding Day across Europe


How to get involved

Become part of World Rewilding Day 2023

There has never been a better time to get involved in rewilding. The rewilding movement is about co-creating a wilder, better future. Whether you’re a citizen, entrepreneur, land manager, policymaker or scientist, there’s room for you to get involved.

On this day, organise an event or join existing events to gather together with like-minded people and inspire new rewilders to join the movement! Check out our World Rewilding Day Guidelines (more languages to follow) for more tips, info and resources on how to celebrate this special day!

World Rewilding Day guidelines English
World Rewilding Day guidelines

Spread the hope!

Informing and inspiring people is a key part of rewilding and of World Rewilding Day! You can play an important role in this in many different ways.

It all starts by raising awareness and sharing the hope that rewilding offers to both nature and people. Join the #RewildingHOPE conversation by downloading and sharing one of our social media cards and telling why rewilding means hope to you!

Click and open cards in the carousel or download the complete package in one of the following languages (more to follow):

Let’s rewild together

Are you looking for more inspiration on how to celebrate World Rewilding Day? We’ve put together a playlist if you want to learn more about rewilding yourself or want to share rewilding knowledge and examples and educate others on rewilding.

We’ve also prepared a set of posters, which you can use for your event or if you would like to spread awareness about World Rewilding Day.

And have you already visited a rewilding area or initiative? Maybe this is the moment to plan your rewilding journey to one of our rewilding landscapes or check out rewilding initiatives close to home.

Become an active rewilder

At Rewilding Europe we want to see rewilding taking place on an increasing scale across Europe. As we work to make Europe a wilder place, we are always looking to collaborate with conservation organisations, public or private institutions, foundations, companies and private individuals.

Are you already involved in rewilding as an initiative and looking to share knowledge and experience? Then we invite you to join the European Rewilding Network!

Are you a young professional or rewilding enthusiast? Then we warmly invite you to join the next generation of rewilders and become a member of the European Young Rewilders!

The principles of rewilding

Rewilding practitioners from across Europe have co-formulated a set of principles that characterise and guide rewilding in a European context. We follow these rewilding principles as we work towards a future where people and nature flourish alongside one another.


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