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Rewilding Europe on Dutch TV

November 20, 2012  |  News

An episode of the Dutch TV programme “Kanjers Van Goud” (Heroes of Gold) that was filmed in our Western Iberia rewilding area, is now available for watching online.

The comeback of the European icon

November 8, 2012  |  News

Rewilding Europe and the Taurus Foundation have today signed a long-term agreement about helping to preserve biodiversity in Europe through a breeding programme to bring back a functional, wild version of the Aurochs. The Aurochs is the ancestor of all domestic cattle in the world and was for hundreds of thousands of years a keystone-species in many European ecosystems.

Full protection for Romanian virgin forests

October 31, 2012  |  News

A new ministerial order in Romania spells out the criteria for identification of virgin forests – a key measure that will lead to the full protection of this important European treasure. The order was signed in September by Rovana Plumb, Romania’s Minister of Environment and Forests.

Rowing with the local community in Romania

October 8, 2012  |  News

The autumn in Romania started with nice weather and a good opportunity for getting in touch with the Danube Delta local community. In September, WWF team that is implementing Rewilding Europe initiative in Romania, took part in Rowmania Rowing Boats Festival in Tulcea.

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