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Crossing the Western Iberia rewilding area on a 200 km trail

February 13, 2015  |  News

The Côa Valley Grand Route, a 200 km marked trail that crosses the entire Western Iberia, has been recently launched. The picturesque route connects the river from the spring to the mouth. This is the perfect opportunity for tourists and nature lovers to visit the Western Iberia rewilding area, enjoy its wildlife and discover the beautiful countryside of Portugal.

The Mediterranean monk seal makes a comeback in Croatia

March 10, 2014  |  News

Recently taken photos and videos confirm that the Mediterranean monk seal is sensationally making a comeback in Croatia. The scientists still don’t know the exact number of individuals, but the “Mediterranean Monk Seal Group” has collected over 4,500 photos and video clips proving that the Adriatic is again a permanent habitat for these critically endangered mammals.

Proceedings of the Rewilding Europe seminar at WILD10 now available

February 24, 2014  |  News

The vision of how Europe can be rewilded showing some of the latest insights, experiences and successful working examples is presented in the brochure “Making Europe a Wilder Place, a series of presentations of the forefront of rewilding in Europe”. This 34-page brochure is now available. The proceedings are the result of a full-day seminar organised by Rewilding Europe on October 9, 2013 at WILD10, the World Wilderness Congress in Salamanca, Spain.

Rewilding Europe is looking for a Wildlife Tourism Manager

February 17, 2014  |  News

The Rewilding Europe team is looking for a new, passionate, dedicated and experienced colleague to fulfil the position of Wildlife Tourism Manager (maximum 0.8 fte). He/she will be responsible to work with the enterprise team in developing a series of innovative wildlife tourism products in our rewilding areas across Europe.

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