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Large herd of Sayaguesa cattle brought to Velebit for the Tauros Programme

November 28, 2014  |  News

Only six days after the signature of a herd contract with two Croatian family farms, Rewilding Velebit brought in 22 Sayaguesa cattle from Spain to the vast abandoned plains in front of the Velebit Mountains. This means yet another breeding station for the Tauros Programme, which will greatly strengthen its effect.

A new-born Maronesa cow calf in the Faia Brava Reserve

February 7, 2014  |  News

At the end of January, a female Maronesa cow was born in the Faia Brava Reserve, one of the Rewilding Europe core areas in Western Iberia. Totally, there are now 10 Maronesa individuals living in a semi-wild way at Faia Brava.

Sayaguesa cattle arrived at the Tauros site

February 8, 2013  |  News

Seven Sayaguesa cows and one bull arrived yesterday at the Tauros programme breeding site in Keent, Netherlands. Together with the four animals still to arrive, this will contribute to the faster transition from a highlander-mixed herd to a more Tauros-like herd.

Rewilding herbivores in Iberia

November 11, 2011  |  Blog

The Iberian Peninsula is one of the oldest inhabited territories in Europe. In Western Iberia man always lived in and with nature resulting in a spectacular landscape with dehesas, mountain ridges and valleys with steep cliffs. Right now, the situation is changing.

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