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More fallow deer to roam free in Rhodope Mountains

February 5, 2016  |  News

Mid January this year, 35 fallow deer were released in two priority rewilding sites in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria. The deer now released in Tintyava region in the Krumovgrad Municipality and Chernoochene village near the town of Kardzhali joined 88 other fallow deer and their offspring that were released during the last three years.

European Commission supports vulture conservation in Rhodope Mountains

September 23, 2015  |  News

The European Commission has approved the LIFE proposal “Conservation of Black and Griffon vultures in the cross-border Rhodope Mountains”, developed by Rewilding Europe in partnership with Rewilding Rhodopes Foundation, Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds/Birdlife Bulgaria, WWF Greece, Vulture Conservation Foundation and Hellenic Ornithological Society/BirdLife Greece.

Webinar: European Rewilding Network about how to restore food chains

September 22, 2015  |  News

On September 17th, the seventh web-based seminar of the European Rewilding Network took place and this time members from several rewilding sites in Europe discussed how to restore food chains and the ways rewilding contributes to this. The webinar specifically addressed the crucial importance of dead animals in nature and consequently the chances for scavengers feeding upon them, all to restore natural food chains in our European ecosystems: the Circle of Life.

Wildlife encounters in the Rhodope Mountains

June 26, 2015  |  Blog

When I heard that Rhodope Mountains have become the seventh Rewilding Europe’s area, the very first thought that crossed my mind was “Rhodopes cannot go any wilder”. I have always considered Rhodope Mountains as wildlife heaven due to the relatively small, even negligible human disturbance. Few months later as a Rewilding Europe volunteer, I set out on a journey to find out what can make the Rhodopes wilder than the wild place I last visited before.

First bison calf born in the Rhodope Mountains rewilding area

June 23, 2015  |  News

Last Wednesday marked the birth of the first bison calf in the Rhodope Mountains rewilding area. European bison arrived to the Studen Kladenets Reserve in the Eastern Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria at the end of October 2013. The newborn bison calf is healthy, in good condition and well accepted by its parents.

30 fallow deer released in the Rhodope Mountains rewilding area

January 21, 2015  |  News

Today, 30 fallow deer were released into the wild in the priority rewilding site of Chernoochene in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria. The special release ceremony marked the flying start of the rewilding activities in this newest rewilding area of Rewilding Europe.

Your wildest donation helps us make Europe a wilder place

December 31, 2014  |  News

Rewilding Europe now offers the perfect opportunity to anyone that loves and cares about wildlife! In a minute, you can become a vital part of Making Europe a Wilder Place, either by giving one of these gifts away, or putting them high on your own wish list.

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