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Ponds support wildlife comeback in the Velebit Mountains

June 26, 2024  |  Blog

Geological conditions mean surface water has always been relatively scarce in Croatia’s Velebit Mountains. Changes in land use and climate are now making it even scarcer. This blog by Rewilding Velebit Communications Officer Kruno Bošnjaković explains how the local rewilding team are helping Velebit wildlife by providing reliable and safe sources of water across the landscape.

Wildlife comeback in Velebit benefits local communities

November 3, 2023  |  News

Rewilding efforts are supporting wildlife comeback in the stunning Velebit Mountains of Croatia. With the abundance of iconic species such as brown bears increasing in the landscape, the local rewilding team are taking steps to ensure communities can live alongside wildlife and benefit economically from its recovery.

Wildlife comeback makes Velebit a must-visit destination

January 29, 2020  |  Blog

Thanks to ongoing rewilding efforts, the diverse wildlife of the Velebit Mountains in Croatia is making a gradual resurgence. With the European Safari Company now offering a fantastic range of local experiences, there’s never been a better time to witness the recovery first-hand.

Balkan chamois workshop held in Velebit

November 5, 2018  |  News

The event, which was supported by the Rewilding Velebit team, saw academics and conservationists gather to discuss this endangered chamois subspecies. The continued presence of this iconic species is essential for maintaining biodiversity in the Velebit and wider area.

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