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Wild Wonders of Europe exhibition comes to Stockholm

June 3, 2013  |  News

The landmark outdoor photo exhibition “Wild Wonders of Europe” is coming to Stockholm, opening on Tuesday, 25 June 2013. A special selection of images from Rewilding Europe’s rewilding activities is also on display.

Rewilding Europe Annual Review 2012 out now

June 3, 2013  |  News

Rewilding Europe has just published its first ever Annual Review. In this review you can read about how we worked to start up Rewilding Europe in our first full year of existence, and what we have achieved so far.

Double winners of a Dutch nature contest win a trip to the Danube Delta

April 19, 2013  |  News

A contest for young professionals in The Netherlands on ideas to double nature in the country, has delivered two winners. An essay of Iris de Boer, together with a short film from Stefan Sand, Merijn Biemans and Christoph Janzing to “rewild” Dutch cities by adopting flagship species and support their comeback through an online platform, were the price-winners.

WILD10 officially launched in Spain

April 11, 2013  |  News

WILD10, the 10th World Wilderness Congress was presented to the Spanish society and the media on April 9 in Madrid. WILD10 will take place in Salamanca from 4 to 10 October 2013 under the Honorary Presidency of H.M. Queen Sofia and fostered by The Wild Foundation.

Making Europe a wilder place: Rewilding Europe takes off!

August 17, 2011  |  News

Our ambitious initiative to rewild 1 million hectares of land in Europe by 2020 is now well underway and our local partners are starting up a series of concrete rewilding actions in the field and negotiating with the different stakeholders on many levels.

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