Rewilding Europe Annual Review 2012 out now

June 3, 2013

Rewilding Europe has just published its first ever Annual Review. In this review you can read about how we worked to start up Rewilding Europe in our first full year of existence, and what we have achieved so far.

The year 2012 was “just” a first year in a row of 10 for which the Rewilding Europe team has committed itself to work on the rewilding of Europe. We are proud to show you our efforts and first results, both at the central level and in the five rewilding areas. We have also used the opportunity in this first Annual Review, to present a short history of our initiative, and a future outlook.

We are very inspired by the opportunities in Europe for rewilding – providing benefits for both nature and people. Rewilding examples in many European countries have already clearly showed that wild nature will quickly bounce back if we allow it to – and this is exactly what
we are looking for. We are convinced that we will all be surprised by the results and that we will learn a lot during this exciting new venture, rediscovering wild nature in Europe.

We hope you will enjoy reading this first Annual Review. Thank you very much for your contributions and for helping to get us on our way in Making Europe a Wilder Place!

The Annual Review can be downloaded as pdf here.

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