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Central Apennines seminar promotes rewilding and builds national-level engagement

November 10, 2023  |  News

Over 100 participants from Italy and beyond came together to discuss rewilding-related topics at a three-day seminar in the Central Apennines last week. The event helped the local rewilding team raise awareness of rewilding and its positive impacts, and to establish and strengthen relationships with a wide range of stakeholders.

Rewilding Apennines website goes live

March 29, 2021  |  News

Showcasing rewilding efforts in the Central Apennines, the new website will connect people with wild nature and help realise the area’s rewilding vision.

New study paves way for crayfish comeback in the Central Apennines

July 30, 2020  |  News

The white-clawed crayfish, which is a keystone species in freshwater ecosystems, is in decline across much of Europe. A positive feasibility study carried out on streams in the Central Apennines rewilding area means a restocking programme can now be carried out, thereby enhancing the ecological condition of these waterways.

Central Apennines rewilding initiative relaunched with new partner

June 19, 2018  |  News

The Central Apennines rewilding area in Italy will see Rewilding Europe and Rewilding Apennines work together in a new set up to develop this area as a prime example of European rewilding. One of the first steps is a cooperation with local NGO Salviamo l’Orso to help conserve and boost the critically endangered local population of Marsican brown bears.

Meet the people of the Central Apennines, Italy

December 1, 2014  |  Blog

For me, being on a photo mission has usually meant traveling and working far away from home, in a more or less exotic place. It therefore was a novel feeling to be “on assignment” for Rewilding Europe in the Central Apennines of Italy, which is really literally speaking my own backyard.

The Bear Advocate, a new profession in the Central Apennines

August 4, 2014  |  News

Since a couple of weeks back, three young Italians have a completely new kind of job. In the beautiful Central Apennines, they have become advocates. However, not of the ordinary kind, but rather a more special one: they have become bear advocates!

Gioia dei Marsi and Lecce nei Marsi in the Central Apennines bet on nature

April 26, 2014  |  News

The small municipalities of Gioia dei Marsi and Lecce nei Marsi in the Central Apennines have decided to bet on nature and to find new ways to earn money from the wilderness on their own “door step”. Creating new opportunities for local businesses and at the same time ensuring an even better protection of those areas. Land abandonment and depopulation are problems that hundreds of regional and EU initiatives so far have failed to solve, in spite of uncountable amounts in subsidies. But now, thanks to the beginning return of wild nature, these problems could instead be made into opportunity. Gioia dei Marsi and Lecce nei Marsi give a good example how the problems are turned into opportunities.

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