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Making the Connection

September 20, 2018  |  News

…are focusing on the development of wildlife corridors between national parks, regional parks and biosphere reserves. In the Southern Carpathians rewilding area in Romania, Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania are…

Rewilding Europe Travel Club – July 2014 draw

June 24, 2014  |  News

Bison watchers in the Tarcu mountains nature reserve, Natura 2000 area, Southern Carpathians, Romania. The release was actioned by Rewilding Europe and WWF Romania in May 2014. Staffan Widstrand /…

What a year it has been!

January 3, 2018  |  Blog

…to 732 animals with 84 bison (35 free ranging), 348 horses and 300 Tauros, while 24 red deer and 84 fallow deer were translocated into Southern Carpathians, Danube Delta and…

Conservation Award for Rewilding Director Wouter Helmer

September 18, 2015  |  News

…(Communications Advisor) at the bison release in Southern Carpathians rewilding area, Romania. Staffan Widstrand / Rewilding Europe Wouter announced that the financial contribution connected to the Groeneveld Award would be…

More than 15,000 likes now for Rewilding Europe!

March 3, 2015  |  News

…Belgium and Germany. The Facebook highlight of 2014 was the European bison transportation to the Tarcu Mountains in the Southern Carpathians rewilding area. Links, photos and video clips from the…

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