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Rewilding horses on a European prairie

January 16, 2016  |  News

…Europe or the Bosnian mountain horses of which a first herd already grazes in another part of the Lika Plains. But also the Konik has proven to be a suitable…

Horses help bears

December 28, 2012  |  Blog

…Europe! ‘Konik’ is the Polish word for small horse, as they originate from Poland. The Koniks, are uniform and have beautiful gray colours with a dorsal stripe and most of…

An interview with Wouter Helmer

January 28, 2022  |  Blog

…floodplain near home – with a group of friends. In 1989 our first rewilding project took off – a 2.5-hectare site with three Konik horses – soon followed by the…

Seminar on wild horses

August 15, 2012  |  News

…motivation for introducing Konik horses (Equus caballus) to reserves in the Netherlands, the success in terms of habitat management, but also the challenges that accompany this introduction. In the second…

Where did the wild horse go?

March 2, 2012  |  Blog

Konik stallions have been bred in exclusively. Ecotype therefore equals Konik, but with small differences and more variation. Exmoor pony: population lives wild in Exmoor national park and in other…

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