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New book on rewilding in Spain published

October 15, 2020  |  Blog

Authored by Jordi Palau, an expert in protected areas and game reserve management in northern Spain, “Rewilding Iberia” has just been published by Lynx Edicions. Supported by a small donation from Rewilding Europe, the aim of the book is to take rewilding forwards in Spain and promote its application across the northern Mediterranean region. We caught up with Jordi to learn more.

Benefits of different types of grazing reviewed

June 16, 2020  |  Blog

iDiv-based PhD student Julia Rouet-Leduc has just completed a review of the benefits of different types of grazing. As part of the ongoing GrazeLIFE project, her work will inform the discussion about how to create a more supportive policy environment for these various grazing systems in Europe. In this blog, she walks us through some of the findings from her literature review.

New collaboration offers a unique way to support rewilding

June 3, 2020  |  News

A new collaboration between Rewilding Europe and for-purpose venture Earth Today means anyone can now sponsor the rewilding of land in the Greater Côa Valley. The overall aim of the venture is to ramp up the conservation and restoration of wild nature across the world.

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