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Rewilding Europe Capital

Are you a European entrepreneur or business owner with a desire to enhance wild nature?
Rewilding Europe Capital may be able to supply the loan you need to help realise your ambition.

What is Rewilding Europe Capital?

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At Rewilding Europe we recognise that rewilding can and should offer a wide range of economic benefits and are fully committed to scaling up their delivery. We want to show that the recovery of nature – particularly in areas suffering from economic stagnation, rural depopulation and land abandonment – can drive economic development, generating new business opportunities, jobs and income for local communities.

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Rewilding Europe Capital (REC) is a small loans facility of Rewilding Europe. By providing financial support and expertise, it works to scale up rewilding impact, develop nature-based economies, and support the development of new business models in and around Rewilding Europe’s growing portfolio of rewilding landscapes that are good for nature and good for people too.

What kind of support is available?

Nelleke de Weerd

With the support of the European Investment Bank and Dutch Postcode Lottery, Rewilding Europe Capital provides concessional loans to small businesses located in and around rewilding landscapes – to expand or launch their activities. These have an upper funding limit of 100,000 euros – please see the table below for more information.

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Those businesses that are approved for financial support also benefit from the expertise of the enterprise team, who can assist in other aspects of business development. With access to Rewilding Europe’s wide-ranging resources, the team can help businesses fully align their operations with rewilding principles, promote themselves through Rewilding Europe’s far-reaching communications platforms, and find other investors to complement Rewilding Europe Capital funding.


businesses supported by the REC team and local enterprise officers


businesses have received dedicated training


REC loans provided


million euros disbursed

Case studies

A diverse range of businesses have received funding from Rewilding Europe Capital since it was established in 2014 – from nature-based tourism companies to practical rewilding initiatives.

Rewilding Europe Capital loans: the fine detail

Maximum amount100,000 euros
For whomExternal partners – small businesses located in and around rewilding landscapes
LocationPrimary focus on rewilding landscapes and members of the European Rewilding Network
Anywhere in Europe a possibility for innovative deals & businesses
For whatTo launch or expand nature-based businesses
ConditionsMust amplify rewilding impact
Ability to repay principle and pay interest
OtherPotential for replicability in other areas a plus
NetworkIf within a rewilding landscape, close collaboration with the local rewilding team is encouraged
Timeline for loan delivery2–3 months
Terms2–6% interest rate
Maximum repayment term: 8 years

“Prospective enterprises that have the envisaged impact are welcome to contact us at any time. We have money to invest. If you align with our criteria, let’s work together to scale up the benefits for your business, local communities, and wild nature.”

Daniel Veríssimo
Conservation Finance Expert for Rewilding Europe Capital

Our comparative advantage

Highly experienced

The REC investment team has unrivalled expertise in terms of investing in and helping to develop nature-based businesses in Europe and beyond. Rewilding Europe’s enterprise officers, who are part of our landscape rewilding teams, can identify deals, establish a personal connection with local businesses, and provide further, long-term support.

Clear vision

Based on a clear strategy and underpinned by the recovery of wild nature, REC works to generate both economic and rewilding impact.

Bigger picture

REC is embedded within Rewilding Europe – a leading European-wide conservation initiative that has a clear development strategy, well-established processes and ambitious, overarching objectives.


We have access to a network of like-minded investors who are also interested in supporting European nature-based enterprises.

Talk to us

The Rewilding Europe Capital team are interested in investing in both new and existing enterprises that can enhance rewilding impact across Europe. We’d also love to talk to funding / financing institutions and individuals interested in supporting nature-based businesses across Europe.

If you own or know of a business that you believe would benefit from a partnership with Rewilding Europe Capital, or if you’d like further information, please contact Rewilding Europe Conservation Finance Expert Daniel Veríssimo. Let’s grow your nature-based business – and deliver a wilder Europe – together.

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