Wild Sweden

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We are an awarded wildlife tour operator. We take you to meet wild animals like Moose, Wolves, Beavers and Bears in their natural habitat. Our mission is to create world-class nature experiences and to act as a role model for the development of sustainable nature based tourism in Sweden.

Moose watching in Sweden. Photo: Lars Gabrielsson


  • Fauna (mega) species present: Moose, Beaver, Wolf, Brown Bear


  • Description: WildSweden organises wildlife watching tours to increase the awareness of nature, and to give wild animals and wild nature an economical value for the local community. The return of the Wolves is a big issue in Sweden now. WildSweden works actively to track and monitor several Wolf packs in the Bergslagen forests. Since 2006 we have reported observations and collected droppings for the Scandinavian Wolf project that aims to monitor and learn more about the Wolf population.
  • Aim: WildSweden’s business concept is to offer genuine nature experiences that support wildlife conservation and creates economic opportunities for the local society. We have applied a strict policy to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible.
  • Vision: Our mission is to create world-class experiences and to be a role model for the development of sustainable nature based tourism in Sweden.
  • Results so far: During the last 10 years we have taken care of clients from more than 75 countries to experience Sweden's wildlife. Awarded ecotourism company of the year in Sweden 2009.
  • Flagship species: Elk
  • Other characteristics: Eco tourism, Recreational activities


  • Inspirational value: We clearly see that WildSweden's success inspires many others to see the economical opportunities in nature based tourism. Marcus, the founder, is often hired by destination managers across Scandinavia to hold inspirational workshops that aim to develop more ecotourism in their regions.
  • Experience you would like to share: How to develop responsible nature based tourism by creating distinct and unique nature activities.
  • Experience you would like to gain: How we can contribute more to conservation and rewilding in Sweden.


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