Return of the Wolf

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    Eastern Alps, Italy
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The aim of the Return of the Wolf project, newest member of the European Rewilding Network, is to promote wolf conservation in the Italian Alpine Arc region and support human-wildlife coexistence.


  • Habitat types: Mountain grasslands, firs and beeches forests, deep and narrow valleys of karst origin.
  • Keystone species present: Wolf


  • Description: Maximising effective communication on wolf-related issues helps remove myths and misconceptions. In areas where the wolf is present, the Return of the Wolf project is reaching out to local stakeholders to raise awareness and understanding. By communicating with more than 20,000 people through various media channels, it acts as a platform for discussion about peaceful human-wolf coexistence.
  • Aim: Return of the wolf to the Eastern Alps aims to investigate the presence of the wolf in vast wild areas, especially where it has recently returned. It responds to media attacks and to growing disinformation and dissemination of unnecessary alarmism towards the wolf and the great fauna. The project aims to promote territories and helps with the discovery of its wildest places while promoting coexistence between man and nature.
  • Vision: The project vision is to broaden the knowledge about the wolf in the territory, to keep track of the population in area and to monitor them. It engages in the dissemination of correct information on the wolf and on the great fauna. Communicating and daily publishing informative material, provides food for thought and opens the discussion for a peaceful comparison. The end goal is to contribute to the conservation of the area by holding educational events dedicated to wolves and other wildlife, combining outdoor experiences and training activities.
  • Accomplished in 10 years from now: Promote the conservation of the wolf and its acceptance by those who live in the territory, in order to conserve the species and its wild environments. Increase the knowledge of these territories, through communication and promoting sustainable tourism that can help the local community. Strengthen and expand the work of the association.
  • Uniqueness: The project carried out by Io non ho paura del lupo operates with lot of enthusiasm and care for nature and nature conservation. It is established by people who live in the mountains and deal with the problems that may derive from it. Within this project the breeders, farmers and citizens came together to fight for wolf.
  • Flagship species: Wolf
  • Other characteristics: Community involved, Eco tourism, Education, Research


  • Inspirational value: Working on the project, great knowledge on the wolf and on the dynamics of the population is acquired. With new data and expanding of the knowledge on the predator, the association has learned how to relate to those living in the mountainous area. The project builds solid and inspiring human relationships and by creating a community around the wolf it largely contributes to the conservation of nature.
  • Experience you would like to share: The conservation of the wolf species necessarily passes through the construction of a solid dialogue between all the stakeholders involved. Only in this way will it be possible to build something solid and lasting that will allow the wolf, as well as man, in a solid and peaceful coexistence.
  • Experience you would like to gain: Increasing the skills of the volunteers, expanding activities, enhancing them through new funds and new scenarios is what the project would like to improve.


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