Reintroduction of lynx in North-Western Poland

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    Area of two Regional Management of State Forests (Pila and Szczecinek)
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The main objective of the project is reintroduction of the lynx to North-Western Poland. All animals released into the wild will be monitored using telemetry collars. The project will be accompanied by educational and promotional activities aimed at increasing public acceptance for wild predators.

Bird's eye view of Western Pomerania landscape


  • Habitat types: Coniferous and mixed forests, heathlands, meadows
  • Keystone species present: European bison
  • Fauna (mega) species present: European bison, roe deer, red deer, mufflon, fallow deer, wild boar, wolf
  • Fauna species reintroduced: lynx (Lynx lynx)


  • Description: The essence of the project is reintroduction of Lynx lynx in North-Western Poland by releasing to the wild min. 10 individuals per year coming from own breeding, purchase of wild animals or zoos. Breeding enclosures will be displayed to visitors for promoting the idea of reintroduction and nature protection in general. After release lynx will be monitored using telemetry collars. Local agreements with foresters and hunting entities will be essential parts of the project.<br />
  • Aim: Restoring lynx into a local trophic network enhancing natural processes in the area and improving regional biodiversity; increasing social ecological awareness.
  • Vision: Linking populations of lynx from Western and Eastern Europe in order to provide genetic exchange for the overall population. Restoration and adaptation of lynx to the human-nature used landscape.
  • Accomplished in 10 years from now: After reaching a sufficient number of lynx in the wild (stable population) - after minimum 10 years of reintroduction - we confine ourselves to deliver genetic influx in order to maintain genetic diversity. Lynx will become local product for branding and promotion of the region in an eco-touristic sense.
  • Uniqueness: Successful reintroduction will establish the first free living population of lynx in Western Poland, existing in a human-nature landscape.
  • Results so far: Starting building of lynx enclosure and achieving agreement for bringing first lynx to the facility.
  • Flagship species: Lynx
  • Other characteristics: Eco tourism, Education


  • Inspirational value: Growing social awareness of the role of predators to nature and reducing prejudices towards predators among local communities showing the way of building public acceptance for new species.
  • Experience you would like to share: Previous experiences from successful reintroduction of European bison to the same area. Active management of two free living European bison herds in human-nature landscape, approximately 160 individuals in total.
  • Experience you would like to gain: Finding solution to potential conflicts with hunters and local community arising from presence and predation of lynx in a commonly used area.
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