Reintroducing moose to Lille Vildmose

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    Northeast Jutland
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In Lille Vildmose moose and red deer have been introduced to help prevent the overgrowing of the raised bog. The moose and red deer should hopefully help the raised bog to restore itself after many years of sphagnum extraction and farming.

Picture of a moose, moosebull and a young moosecalf.



  • Description: In unison Aalborg munipacility, Aage V. Jensens Nature Foundation and the Danish Nature Agency is implementing a large rewilding project in Lille Vildmose. The aim of the project is to restore the raised bog to its natural state by restoring natural hydrology and by introducing moose and red deer. Before the project the raised bog have been drained and mainly used to extract sphagnum from, there have also been some farming within the area. In 2007 the intensive usage of the raised bog stopped.
  • Aim: The aim of the project is to restore the raised bog to its natural state and to allow natural and dynamic processes to take place. It is desired that areas with active raised bogs should be extended with 40-70% and thereby allowing the area to work as one biological and functional unit.
  • Vision: The vision with the project is to restore the natural hydrology, the natural dynamics and the open landscape of a raised bog. With these steps, it will also maximize the biodiversity within the area. <br />
  • Accomplished in 10 years from now: - The moose and red deer population have hopefully grown to, higher densities closer to what is seen in natural systems. <br /> - The overgrowing of the natural open landscape has been slowed<br /> - The hydrology within the area ha
  • Uniqueness: This project is unique in Denmark because of the introduction of moose and also because of the large scale of the project. It is the first time in Denmark where moose have been introduced to contribute in a nature restoration project. Lille Vildmose is the largest raised bog in Danmark and the large
  • Results so far: -The moose have started breeding and have successfully raised two calves.<br /> -The effect on the trees from the large herbivores has begun to show. <br />
  • Flagship species: moose, Red deer
  • Other characteristics: Education, Recreational activities


  • Inspirational value: The project with introducing moose and red deer is only a smaller part of a much larger project that covers 75 square kilometers in total. In the southern part of the area lies Tofte Skov and Tofte Mose. Both Tofte skov and Tofte mose has been part of one fence since 1906. Red deer have been there since. In 1926 wild boar was introduced to the area. The combination of red deer and wild boars creates advantag
  • Experience you would like to share: The large effect natural densities of indigenous herbivores have on both the landscape and the general biodiversity.
  • Experience you would like to gain: How natural and dynamic can a ecosystem be within a fenced area of the size and composition of Lille Vildmose?
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