Living on the edge

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Slovenia hosts one of the densest bear populations on this planet and found a way of coexistance of people, all their economic interests and big predators.



  • Description: “Living on the edge” is a multimedia project aiming at raising awareness for big predators in Central Europe. The project uses the means of photography, film and words as tools in conservation. All content is produced in Central Europe and highlights the co-existance of humans, wildlife and wild nature. Besides producing stories, videos and articles that cover the life-history of brown bear, wolf and lynx Living on the edge cooperates with scientific and public institutions to spread the word of nature conservation in the heart of Europe and provides sound information on the issue of wilderness in the heart of Europe.
  • Aim: By the power of gripping imagery and profound storytelling and joining forces with science, NGOs and conservation institutions we work hard on providing the base for a more established understanding and appreciation for big predators and our wild surroundings, so that future generations are better prepared for a life side by side with wilder nature in the heart of Europe.
  • Vision: Raising awareness for big predators / wild nature in densely populated Central European countries. Giving wild Central European nature a voice by the means of multimedia.
  • Accomplished in 10 years from now: If people in Central Europe again understand that we are a part of nature and can’t work against it and our photographic work can contribute just a tiny bit to this – we’ve reached one of the highest goals in nature conservation.
  • Uniqueness: As photographers and film-makers we pick up on your stories and turn them into a vivid multimedia package with gripping images and well-considered words. Our wide-angle high resolution images of big predators captured in Central Europe haven’t been captured before. We aim at images that tell the story in one image.
  • Results so far: Publications in National Geographic Magazine (Brown Bear story in June 2018), more than a dozen publications in Austrian press, cooperations with national and international key-players in big predator conservation in Central Europe, large format outdoor exhibition in brown bears in Austria, photo exhibitions in Austria, several live presentations in Austria, Germany, Spain. Book on brown bears in Central Europe with a release date in early 2019.
  • Flagship species: Bear, Lynx, Wolf
  • Other characteristics: Eco tourism, Education, High-impact communications


  • Inspirational value: We are a motivated team of professional photographers and film-makers with an educational background in conservation ecology. We’ve gained a lot of experience in the field when it comes to photographing bear, wolf and lynx in Central Europe. We used high resolution photo trapping with DSLR cameras for HighRes images, have done deep research on the issues of big predators, have been visiting all Central European countries and have been documenting different approaches towards big predators.
  • Experience you would like to share: When it comes to tell stories – either our own field experiences or the stories of people working either with big predators or facing issues when it comes to this topic - we are the right people to ask.<br /> Furthermore, we can give advice how to communicate conservation topics, how to network with institutions and how stakeholders can benefit from high quality images and film products.
  • Experience you would like to gain: The key issue when it comes to raising awareness is how to reach people that aren’t already emotionally involved. So the big goal has to be to reach those that aren’t already open minded! We are keen to hear about your approaches and experiences.


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